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getting diagnosis changed - how?

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mimsum Thu 25-Jun-09 19:29:11

ds2 was diagnosed at 4 with ASD, I feel the diagnosis was rushed through, partly because his older brother has TS and AS. For example, he didn't have a multi-disciplinary assessment, was just observed by a teacher from the Early Years Centre and had an appointment with a paediatrician who's got a real bee in her bonnet about autism and tends to see everything through that prism.

However, I've never been comfortable with the diagnosis as it just doesn't seem to fit ds particularly well. I'm not being head in the sand about it as ds1's diagnosis fits him perfectly. The more I find out about dyspraxia, the more likely I think this is ds2's problem. He's very clumsy, has poor co-ordination, problems writing (he still can't hold a pencil in a tripod grip), getting dressed, organising himself, was very late to ride a bike, late to learn to swim and although he can swim in a fashion he looks very awkward and finds breaststroke much easier as both sides of his body are doing the same thing at the same time, when he runs his arms and legs seem to stick out at odd angles, low muscle tone, suffered from chronic constipation for years, flaps his arms when excited, but is basically very happy in a dreamy sort of way.

How do I go about getting his diagnosis changed? any ideas?


PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Thu 25-Jun-09 19:37:40

It's quite difficult to identify between parts of the spectrum (some consider dyspraxia as spectrum based) and absolutely as Mum you have the best fullicture and should be heard.

It's also possible to be linked to AS- I have one AS, oneASD and one dyspraxic.

I presume you have a letter of dx? Is there a name you can ask to reassess? Or eprhaps see your GP and express you worries?

It'sworth being aware that dyspraxia and AS do overlap on some many things- AS kids often ahve the same movement types etc- but defintiely worth addressing.

lisad123 Sun 28-Jun-09 17:03:13

could you ask for referal for cdc? they often dont like to give dual dx though so might have a fight on your hands
Can i ask where you are in uk?

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