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Portage Vs Physio ??? What to do!!

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Cazzybaby Fri 12-Jun-09 14:19:30

Need some advise as finding this situation a bit tricky. Sorry if this goes on a bit!

DD has physio, at our local childrens centre every other week. Today they contacted me to let me know that they wanted her to join a group session every week with 2 other children, which would take place on a monday morning at half past 9. Unfortunatly this clashes with her portage special needs singing group, which we attend for 2 hours on a Monday morning. For me and DD (16 months) this is the highlight of our week as we both get so much out of the session.

Physio said she would change things around and call back, which she did half an hour later saying she had changed the physio group to 11:45 so we could make both. I said this was great but DD would not be up to doing 2 hours of singing followed by an hour of physio in one morning she is only 16 months old! I know my child and know that she would not tollerate this and prob be alseep for most of the physio session. The phyisio was very shirty saying she had contacted the other mums and changed it all around to accomodate us. I said i would have to chose between the two, and she did not seem to understand why. I said that I would probably take DD to her singing group and miss this 8 week block of physio and see what they would offer us when they reasses in 8 weeks time. She was rather annoyed and basically said that missing physio would have a deprimental effect on her at this stage. DD loves singing group, and for the last 3 months has cried her eyes out at every physio session we have attended. So do I go with what makes her happy and what she enjoys doing and take a break from the physio hoping that in 8 weeks time we can have a better slot and that maybe DD with the break will stop disliking it so much. Or do I listen to this woman and take her to physio at the cost of the singing group.

(With regards to the singing group it is sing and also baby sign and tactile play so she is getting a lot out of it!)

lou031205 Fri 12-Jun-09 14:29:06

Would you be able to access portage in a 1:1 setting? Without knowing your DD's condition, it is hard to advise you. It is hard when things clash, though.

Woooozle100 Fri 12-Jun-09 14:36:56

Feel for you here - can recall many times stuff like this happened when dd was younger

Only suggestion would be to give it a go doing both - least then the physio can see for herself that yr dd would be tired / not at her best

And you would still get some ideas what physio work to do with dd when she's more alert

Also - yr dd might suprise you. I know my dd did us when her Conductive Ed session came straight after her physio at the CDC hmm - wasn't as good as it could have been but certainly wasn't a waste of time

Cazzybaby Fri 12-Jun-09 14:44:42

Lou we have 1:1 portage as well thats on a thursday, there's just so many things to juggle, as I work part time so DD is also at Nursery 2 days per week!

Pixie - I may have to try doing both, I suggested to the physio takeing her to each but alternate weeks but she said the whole point in her joining to group was so that her therapy is more intense. Its hard to know what to do for the best sometimes.

yomellamoHelly Sat 13-Jun-09 18:38:45

Have had same issues regarding spacing of stuff. Can't believe they don't hear it all the time.

That said I've found the groups are completely different to one on one stuff so your dd may not react to it in the same way. The ones we've attended are one size fits all so they're not very intense and with everyone to involve quite slow-paced.

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