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Can someone help?

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cheekychaps Thu 11-Jun-09 18:26:39

My 3½yr old son uses a Maclaren Major Elite Buggy which we bought ourselves, second hand, paid £150. The waiting list was too long to wait for NHS and he had outgrown his Chicco buggy. I also have a tandem pushchair for childminding which he's outgrown. We're expecting our second child in 2 months and was wondering if there was any way of attaching a baby seat to the buggy.

5inthebed Thu 11-Jun-09 22:20:39

Do you mean like this? They would only work if you had two of the same prams.

You should try contacting Remap who would be able to help you with this problem. I contacted them a while ago with the same suggestion, and they were going to do it for me, but it was going to be too heavy for me.


madwomanintheattic Fri 12-Jun-09 09:49:43

mountain buggy do a double sn pushchair that is sutable from 0 - 7yrs - i know you aren't really looking for a new buggy... maybe you could ask wcs for a voucher towards it?

the easiest thing is to just use a sling and then backpack with ny newborn tbh... that'll take you through the next 2 years grin

or maybe wait it out for a wcs appointment in any case - i'm assuming you are on the waiting list anyway? i'm not sure what your son's issues are - if he is not independently mobile then most physios etc recommend changing to a wc before school in any case - for peer group reasons... will he be able to self propel?

one thing we have found useful is to use an sn trike too - the ones with a parent pole give you another alternative to a pushchair for children who can't walk/ very far... not perfect with a small baby, but another idea for you to think about longer term anyway...

worldofmums Wed 17-Jun-09 22:37:26


there is a wheelchair buggy that fits a baby car seat underneath if that makes sence i know it be a bit of money but you might get a chairty that might pay part or full. the companys called activate they sell proton wheel chairs hope ive spelled that right

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