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I have come to the conclusion that trying to work when you have a SN child is bloody impossible.

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Sidge Tue 09-Jun-09 19:15:40

I am so fed up.

I am lucky enough to have a job at the moment where I work school hours (ie 0930-1430) term time only. This is fab as DDs 1 and 2 are at school, DD3 is at nursery so I only have one lot of childcare to pay for. DD2 has complex SN and is disabled but is in mainstream school with excellent support.

It all sounds brilliant, and on paper it looks brilliant, but the problem is I really don't like my job. Financially it's not hugely viable after childcare, fuel costs etc and also I have lost my CA but I trying to think of the longer term benefits, such as maintaining my professional registration, getting out of the house each day, earning a little bit of money and so on...

It's soul destroying working in a job you don't like so I decided to keep my eyes peeled for something else, in the field I used to work in which I loved. However it has become apparent that the chances of finding work in that field doing the hours I am able to do (ie when DD2 is at school) are virtually nil. Childcare for her is also nigh on impossible, a CM is not really an option and the school doesn't offer an after-school club. And when you have a school aged child with SN there aren't really any other options!

It's so depressing, I want to work and do what I have spent so many years training to do (and what I'm good at) but it's so difficult sad

Sorry to moan on but I know you lot can sympathise and understand!

StillUnderThirthy Tue 09-Jun-09 19:48:40

I hear you, right now I have an ok job, that I had pre-baby, and I kinda feel stuck here because where else am I going to find a job that lets me leave, paid, a few hours almost every week to go to all the appts.

But I also feel I can't complain because they are so understanding...

Sidge Tue 09-Jun-09 19:52:29

It's crap isn't it StillUnder? I feel so trapped.

I really need to win the lottery! grin

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