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Improving concentration span - any tips

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ABitStretched Mon 08-Jun-09 17:35:46

Me again - time on my hands and hungry for answers. anyone got tips on improving concentration span of ds1 (4) query ASD. Its pretty poor right now.He can undress himself if I sit with him and say 'take off your top, well done, now take off your shorts....' but not if I say 'get undressed'. Also he can write the first letter of his name but gives up after that. I've got ideas for tackling specific areas but wondered if anyone new of suitable techniques / games that will help him learn to focus and see something through to the end.

Sorry - i have already posted in SEN but not getting reply so think all the knowledgeable people must be hanging out in SN.

ICANDOTHAT Mon 08-Jun-09 17:48:45

Not sure if this will work, but my friend has dd dx ASD. She made a poster out of cut out pictures, each showing an item of clothing. Put in on ger dd bedroom wall and eac morning/evening asks her daughter to put on/remove the itmes on the poster ie: picture includes knickers, vest, t-shirt, jeans, skirt, etc etc. Now, there was confusion at the beginning of the warm weather when she wasn't wearing a vest and stood for ages worrying about not having one on (bless), but it seemed to work well.

ICANDOTHAT Mon 08-Jun-09 17:55:02

Forgot to mention also, that my son dx ADHD has a timer buzzer set for reading homework, I give him around 10 minutes a night. If he's still reading when the buzzer goes off, he can have a small treat (ie: 20 mins on the Wii, playstation, computer or very occassionally choccy - additive free of course wink

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