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Am I right to be cross about this?

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WhoDidThat Fri 05-Jun-09 20:02:17

DD has CP is in reception mainstream with a statement giving her 25 hours funding for 1-2-1 support. School recruited someone specifically to be her 121 who is with her all day except lunchtime when there is separate cover because we all agreed that basically she needs support all day.

Anyway, this week her regular 121 is off so other staff have been filling in. I don't have a prob with that as such as these things happen and the 2 women covering are known to dd and have relevant experience.

BUT today apparently dd was doing an activity at the table on her own ( fine ) and needed something that was out of reach and the temp 121 was OUTSIDE WITH A GROUP OF OTHER CHILDREN. Meantime the form teacher was in the classroom with another TA. Neither saw her put her hand up or call for help and she ended up in tears before finally one of them went over to her.

OK this is not the most serious thing in the world but I am seriously pissed off at the basic fact that the point of a 121 is that there is someone there to make sure this kind of studd doesn't happen. Other kids can get up and fetch things they need, but dd can't and needs here 121 to help her - that is the point of having a 121.

There have been a few similar ishoos since she started in Jan where her 121 is doing other stuff with other kids and I just feel that frankly she shouldn't be doing that - her job is to support dd - that is why we fought so hard for her statement ffs.

So i want to talk to the teacher on Monday and get her side ( I have only heard this from dd ) But AIBU to expect that her 121, even if it is a temp one, should have dd as her main priority? I would be less cross I think if she had gone to the loo or something, it is the fact that she was supervising all the kids in the outside bit that gets me ie clearly not there to support dd.

brandy77 Fri 05-Jun-09 20:16:36

I support a young man with CP in secondary school, i do give him some independance now BUT i have eyes in the side/back of my head incase he needs me and as far as im concerned he is my priority

unfortunately even though TA's are employed, as i am myself,to support one child BUT you are often directed by the godly ones above to also support the many children with behavioural problems who are not statemented, it annoys the hell out of me too be honest so i dont blame you for being annoyed

WhoDidThat Fri 05-Jun-09 20:23:00

Brandy - that is exactly what i would hope for. She doesn't want someone glued to her side, and her 121 can do stuff with other kids if she is close by and has one eye on dd as you say. I can appreciate that it is not the 121 choosing to do this but the ones in charge making the best use of their reaources.
But if I go and make a fuss will I be heard do you think?

brandy77 Fri 05-Jun-09 20:37:28

yes i think you will be heard. when i was taken away from the boy i support (he has statement for 25hours) and placed with another child who didnt have a statement but severe behaviour, i actually told the lad i support to get his mum to complain. she did and i was put back with him.

definitely complain especially as she is so young and cant obviously speak out at a young age. the schools get so much money for paying us TA's and it is annoying that the children who have the statement are often left while the TA deals with another pupil.

the school might moan about you to each other but so what! as long as you are fighting your daughters corner, then blow them

brandy77 Fri 05-Jun-09 20:39:12

for all those parents that are awaiting diagnosis of disorders that affect behaviour please dont be upset by my comments, we as TA's are informed of all the children that are on the way to getting a statement or are school action plus, im referring to pupils that are just generally disruptive and take up the TA's time

WhoDidThat Fri 05-Jun-09 20:41:48

I seem to spend my life biting my tongue and picking which battles to fight as I don't want to be constantly on their case ... oh look, it's 9am, here she comes again with a face on her....... you know?

But I think I will take this up as it is not right for her to end up crying because her 121 wasn't there.

I think you 121s do such an amazing job anyway, never mind having to deal with this sort of pressure. It's unforgivable really.

brandy77 Fri 05-Jun-09 20:50:48

Good Luck whodidthat, put your foot down and say exactly what you have said here, that you understand the TA cannot be physically glued to your daughters side BUT you expect the TA to always be on the look out for your daughter needing support and when your daughter is older then she can be taught a little independence gradually but not in reception class, not in my opinion anyway, probaly not for a good few years!smile

Phoenix4725 Sat 06-Jun-09 05:48:13

thats my main concern when ds goes to schoo lthat his suport will be used to help others who need help but dont have statement and as ds is passive that he end up being overlooked and just left in corner

sarah293 Sat 06-Jun-09 08:20:55

Message withdrawn

Goblinchild Sat 06-Jun-09 08:29:07

Completely agree, and legally you are in the right, so there is no 'issue'
Just what ought to be happening and what is actually happening.
Sad isn't it, you fought for the statement and now your battle for appropriate support still isn't over. Make a fuss, put it in writing, bring in the Inclusion Team or outside professional support if you need to.
I'm a teacher, I know the temptation of spreading your designated support where you see a need, but you just can't do it if the statement says 1:1. The support is funded for your child.

meltedmarsbars Sat 06-Jun-09 11:17:58

Agree that you should make a fuss - you are her advocate, so be prepared for this sort of thing to need your intervention.

You need to put your case to the teacher, and if you don't get what you need, then the head and perhaps the chair of governors - I have had to do this (see "starting school" thread), and take a friend to go with you to meetings if you need support in meetings.

WhoDidThat Sat 06-Jun-09 20:31:29

Goblinchild - that is what I feel - I can't believe we fought so long and hard for the blardy statement and it never crossed my mind that we would now have to fight the school too!

I also find it quite offensive that they try and dress it up as developing her independence as though I am holding her back by not allowing her more freedom. This time I may have to point out that there is a difference between giving her indepndence and just doing something else while she looks like she is probably OK. It really really upsets me that she was stuck in a chair that she obviously can't get out of, and couldn't do the activity she wa trying to do because it was out of reach and there was nobody there to help.

I am even more hacked off today because dd has now explained that it wasn't the class teacher in there with her, it was actually the head-teacher! It is a tiny school so he knows dd and even helped to draft bits of her statement so he knows what she needs just as well as her class teacher. I will have a talk directly with him on Monday and see what he says.

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