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Talking Literally....and Taking a Bath

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TheRealMrsF Mon 25-Apr-05 23:49:13

as u know i am 'just waiting' for someone to agree to assess my 3rd son with Aspergers ...getting closer...but still no referral.

well tonight was 'one of those moments'....when i wished i'd had my dictaphone alex & I ended up spending near on 10 minutes discussing the "Time to Have ....or TAKE or Get in THE BATH"

Basically it all started when he came indoors covered in mud & i said "You need to TAKE a BATH"

He looked at me and said "That's what you do when you go to a shop"

I then tried to explain that people say "take a shower"...."take a bus".....and that it doesn't mean that they are taking it away!!! me thinking....that this is the 'fine line' between him 'coping' and therefore never being me. As because he is able to reason with me verbally- and though as always it takes soooooo long......I am assuming that 'if' he were unable to explain himself...then chaos would run riot...

So....for me this is another 'tick ' on his checklist....

However times like this i do no meltdown followed...and in a strange way i am 'glad' when things like this it reminds me that I AM RIGHT!!!!

coppertop Tue 26-Apr-05 09:34:13

It's an absolute minefield with language in our house too. Actually even the word "too" is one we have to avoid otherwise we get the following conversation:

Me: "Yes <ds2> is very cheeky and you are too."

Ds1: "I'm not two. I'm four! You're being silly, Mummy."

You always have to think 3 sentences ahead of what you're about to say and edit accordingly. "I wish they'd put a sock in it!" was anothe one that caused some confusion. After lots of careful explanation ds1 went happily on his way. A few days later ds2 was screaming and we heard a little voice shout from the bedroom "<Ds2> Put a sock on it!" Oops!

Fio2 Tue 26-Apr-05 10:01:48

Saker Tue 26-Apr-05 13:48:48

My dh has always been amused when I say "I'm going in the bath" and asks me "where to?". I can see that wouldn't be allowed in your households MrsF and Coppertop

Mum2girls Tue 26-Apr-05 13:51:22

On mothers day, DP told DD1 that they would have to make me breakfast in bed...

'How can you make breakfast in bed?' she said

Jayzmummy Tue 26-Apr-05 15:05:45

J's teacher has been here this afternoon (and before a complete disaster started which involved hose pipes, green gunge, Shrek and me on my knees in tears!!)....she was playing cards with J.

She asked J if he could "cut the pack".....too which he promptly hopped from the table and into my work room....teacher called for him to return....and he did so carrying a pair of scissors.....well she wanted him to cut didnt she?

(Just incase you wondering.....teacher found a "new" recipe floating around to make gunge.....contains washing flakes and corn flour...she thought J would like to play with it and make a "Shrek Swomp".

DONT use sticks to everything, has taken the colouring out of the patio slabs and his clothing and has caused my wee man to break out in the most almighty hour of scrubbing the patio, cleaning up the mess and smothering him in cream to take away the itching....Poor teacher is so worried now because she feels she is supposed to be helping me with some respite and I have had to clean up her mess whilst she went off to a meeting.....I feel sorry for her because she is covered from head to toe in green snotty coloured gunge!!!!....Wee Man had fun though whilst it lasted.)

macwoozy Tue 26-Apr-05 16:11:16

Really amusing to read these posts.

I just tried out my ds with "I'm taking a bath", and I just got a really puzzled look.

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