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Bit worried??????

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Jayzmummy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:51:46

Today hubby and I had our assessment meeting with the headmaster at the independent school that ds1 is hoping to attend. He has been offered a scholarship in principal for his sporting ability.

I took ds1 to spend a few days at the school and whilst there he underwent the entrance tests.

At the meeting today with the head he commended ds1 on his fantastic sporting ability, said all the dorm guys had thought ds1 was a really lovely guy, which he is....matron had said ds1 was a pleasure to have around.

Ds1 had scored within the top 2% for his maths, top 5% for his cognitive understanding, sportsmasters report was excellent BUT and here is the shock.......

Ds1 is coming out at age 8 and 3/4 for his reading ability and age 8 and 3 months for his written. He is 11.

Headmaster asked if there was any history of dyslexia....which as you know J has.

Ds1 is worried that it will affect him attending the school....I am worried because his present mainstream have never told me that there is a problem....Ds1 is reading The Hobbit at the moment...I have asked him if he finds it difficult....he says sometimes...he does struggle with easy words....will spell you = yew..who = how....but doesnt appear to have problems with words which are phonically spelt....experiment = no problem?????

What do I do???? Do I speak to his class teacher and tell her what the head at the independent has said?? If Ds1 goes to the independent then they are proposing 4 hours a week one to one to focus on his literacy difficulties.

Suggestions as to what I should do would be appreciated!!!!

Blossomhill Sat 16-Apr-05 22:55:56


Could you not ask current school to call in the ed pysch. to observe ds1? Explain the situation to current school, I am sure it won't be a problem.


lavenderrr Sat 16-Apr-05 22:56:58

do independant school's never have to deal with dyslexia, I think not, it is not a hinderance, merely somethingnthat will take more time and attention, not everyone is on the right age for their to the school about your concerns....

Blossomhill Sat 16-Apr-05 22:57:36

Also sounds as though the new school are happy to help ds too. Which is very positive!

milward Sat 16-Apr-05 22:59:39

Wonder how his class teacher never mentioned this? - Would it help your ds if you did tell her? I'd be inclined to just take the extra classes at the independent without discussing it.

beccaboo Sat 16-Apr-05 23:00:30

Think I agree with BH, if the new school are suggesting extra help for J, that can only benefit him?

Jayzmummy Sat 16-Apr-05 23:35:59

For the past two years Ds1 has had a stream of supply teahers because sadly his teacher has been undergoing IVF and it has not at all been sucessful. During this time it has been almost impossible to get to speak to anyone about his development....I have been keeping a close eye and I expect because he is so good at maths I hadnt really noticed his problems struggling with english....have been so absorved in getting J's problems with the school sorted I have probably neglected ds1 a I feel sh*te!!!!

KarenThirl Sun 17-Apr-05 08:07:47

Don't be so hard on yourself JM. So far you've thought DS1 was doing well and it's only now that you're realising he was behind in these areas, so it's not surprising you've put most of your effort into J. Now that you know DS1 has problems you can move forwards.

I reckon yes, it's time to speak to school with your specific concerns and get him some help if possible. Did the independent school say dyslexia would hinder his admission to the school? I should have thought not, and the head seems clued up enough to be able to provide support if that is indeed DS1s problem. He certainly seems likely to investigate it further. Speak to current school and aim for support while he's still there, but tbh it sounds as though he'd be accepted into the independent then he'd get it anyway.

sylvm Sun 17-Apr-05 11:54:22

If DS1 is moving schools in the summer and the new school are happy to put some effort in to helping him once he has moved, is there any point in doing anything at his current school? Getting an Ed Psych to come in and see him before the end of term would be unlikely, I would have thought. My elder DD goes to a highly academic independent school and there are girls there who are dyslexic and receive additional support (although I am not sure what). 4 hours 1 to 1 plus, no doubt, smaller classes the rest of the time would be far more than you could get for him in the state sector. If I was you, I think I would want to talk more to the new school and find out a bit more about how they will work to improve his literacy skills. And don't beat yourself up about not noticing Jayzmum, you're trying to do your best for both your boys and none of us are super human.

Jayzmummy Mon 18-Apr-05 12:42:05

ARGGGGHHHHHHH....the sooner my boy is out of that bloody school the better. i spoke with head this morning and just mentioned that the Independent had picked up on a few problems and could I have a chat with him about I trotted into his office...apparently according to our super dooper ever so efficient head....the Independent school do not know what they are talking about and he is 100% certain they have got their test results wrong!!!!

I left feeling very I tracked down Ds1's new class teacher.....she was pleased that I had gone to see her because she was gouing to give me a call to ask idf i could go and see her because she is a bit concerned that Ds1 is struggling with some of the basic foundatiuon blocks of literacy.....his spellings are fine....he is making mistakes with the smaller words....the CVC's.

Bloody stupid head....all he is worried about is his bloomin SATS results.....and he doesnt know yet....but Ds1 wont be taking them....we are going on holiday instead!!!!

piffle Mon 18-Apr-05 12:48:15

Don't you just love the ostrich approach to teaching, you would think anything that could help the children in the school would in turn benefit his results.
What a doofus HT is!
Also for the SATS if your ds1 does not appear for any reason he still gets counted as there are no allowances for absence. So you may well find yourself VERY unpopular with the head teacher
Oh dear what a shame

Jayzmummy Mon 18-Apr-05 13:06:10

I will gain great satisfaction in telling him we will be away!!!! I want to take a picture of his face when I tell him.....the look of shock on his face will have me PMSL for many years to come.

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