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Medical advise please

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louismama Fri 15-Apr-05 23:56:50

posted couple of days ago about ds being really grotty at mo, couple mns mention withdrawl (gfcf diet) this am was happy one minute whingy the next, lunchtime temp 38.5, loathed as i was to give him any medication (implications and diet etc.) i gave him 2.5 ml of Dalsy (spainish ibruprofen for kids - works super fast) 5hours later back to 38.3 and really crying gave 5ml paracetamol, 3 hours later more dalsy. has got stuffy nose too. Hasnt bee n flaked out all day though played and watched videcs when meds kicked in. Should i a) see how we get on tonight and help doping him up if necessary and FOR HOW LONG?
b) go to private clinic nearby (100 euros emergency consult and we re so broke)
c) drive 45mins to hospital with e111.
Paranoid about him being ill now dietician said gastric may have been his 'wounding avent'

louismama Sat 16-Apr-05 00:36:51

Bump 38.9 and asleep

Jayzmummy Sat 16-Apr-05 01:01:51


poor ds. Have you checked his ears??? just a thought but could it be a ear infection....flight?/water?

Id carry on with the paracetamol and ibruprofen together every 4 hours....make sure he hasnt got laods of clothes on....keep the air around him as cool as you can....try cool sponges to help lower the temp...if his temp is still up in the morning....then bundle him up and pop yourselves off to hospital with your E111.

hope this soon blows over and ds is feeling better soon.

Cristina7 Sat 16-Apr-05 02:40:29

I hope your DS is feeling better by now. We had to take our DS to A&E while on holiday in Barcelona. The consultation was 45 euros (and another 40 for a couple of X-rays, he'd bumped his head). Could you get it back on travel insurance? We never got round to doing it when we returned. The Spanish doctors were great and he was seen within minutes of arriving there.

louismama Sat 16-Apr-05 11:32:05

Yup ear infection and sore throat worried about giving him antibiotics but what can i do.

jmb1964 Sat 16-Apr-05 11:45:46

You could try holding off antibiotics for 24-48 hours - vast majority of ear infections are viral and self-limiting anyway. If he can tolerate paracetamol/ibuprofen (given regularly and in full dose) along with usual temp reducing measures - tepid sponging, cold drinks/icepops, not too many clothes etc, then it would be OK to withold the antibiotics for a day or so if you're uneasy about giving them. IMO. Hope he's feeling better soon!

louismama Sat 16-Apr-05 12:03:12

OMG its as if eveythings against us at the mo have just implemented c/f a couple of days ago on recommendation of nutrilink md am woried about damp in flat and effects on him, just got rid of diahorrea now they want him to have antib.s any good bacteria left in gut may get totally wiped out. i know i probably sound mad and paranoid but sure my child wasnt born with this symdrome (genetic) he babbled mama dada etc. at 7 months and hit alot of other milestones up until about 1.

louismama Sat 16-Apr-05 12:05:57

Was given an antib at 6 months for ottis media which i dont THINK affected him at all i have brand new bottle in house may ask pharmacist tomorrow if can use that instead, what do you think?

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