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Sensory Integration Therapy

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Minniethemoocher Sun 22-Feb-09 18:16:26

DD has been diagnosed by a Paeditrian as having a Specific Learning/Developmental Difficulty, but so far, no has actually identify which one(s).

So far, she has been assessed by an Ed Psych, two paediatricians and an OT.

So far we have been told that she may be dyspraxic, has ASD tendencies and now the OT has told us that she has Sensory Processing Disorder, which I have never heard of.

The OT is starting Sensory Integration Therapy and I just wondered what this was.

Just feel like I am swimming in treacle in the maze that is Special Needs (sorry to mix my metaphors!)

mumgoingcrazy Sun 22-Feb-09 19:24:19

Hi Minnie, It is a minefield and to be honest SPD still blows my mind and I've known about DD2's for 9 months now. The good news is though that there are lots of mums on here going through the same and have given me some amazing advice.

I think firstly your OT will do a sensory assessment to establish exactly what sensory processing problems your child has and from this will set up an appropriate sensory diet or SIT. For my DD2 her main problem was tactile defensivness and auditory processing so the sensory diet consisted of deep pressure brushing and various tactile experiences and activities. To overcome the auditory processing problem we are now doing the therapeutic listening program which re-wires the brain.

I think Tclanger recommended to me to buy 'the out of sync child' and 'the out of sync child has fun'. This explains everything you need to know in great detail and also the activities you can do to help your child.

How old is your DD?

Tclanger Sun 22-Feb-09 19:31:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Minniethemoocher Sun 22-Feb-09 19:52:36

Hello Tclanger and mumgoingcrazy, thank you for your prompt replies.

I will order "The out of sync child" - good to hear that it is a good book for SPD.

I think that we have been lucky that the OT has identified DD's problem and that she will start OT in a couple of weeks.

DD is nearly 6 years old, very, very behind her peers at school. Gets very frustrated at school because she can't do what the other children can, bottles it all up and then "blows her top" when she gets home.

I really hope that the OT is the start of getting her the help that she needs.

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