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Dd's 1st real Easter

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eidsvold Sun 27-Mar-05 13:11:28

This is the first year we have given dd any eggs etc. She really is not aware of the Easter bunny etc... we make no deal about it.

I bought her a Hi-5 book with CD and four easter eggs and a little bunny.

When I gave her the bunny - she cuddled him, kissed him and then put him on the bed. When I gave her the Hi-5 pack - she gave the eggs a glance and then started reading her book and looking at the CD.

I unwrapped one of the eggs and let her bite it..... suddenly her eyes lit up and she did a big yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then madly scooped up the rest of the eggs from the bed and turned away from me trying to eat the eggs through the foil.

Okay - you had to be there but she was sooo cute!!

coppertop Sun 27-Mar-05 14:09:06

Awwwwww! Sooooo cute!

Ds1 has been looking forward to getting his chocolate eggs. It's the first year that he's even realised that Easter exists and he loves it.

Jaysmum Sun 27-Mar-05 15:11:07

Awwwww cute.

J isnt at all impressed with the whole Easter thing....why do we want to cebrate someone dieing anyway????? and who ever thought up the idea that the Easter Rabbit brings the eggs....thats stupid...How can rabbits go shopping to woolies to buy eggs....pets are not allowed in the shopping centre!!!!!!

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