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Does it get easier when they go to school?

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cktwo Fri 19-Dec-08 15:32:42

DD1 will start at special school in Sept 09 and I'm hoping it will make life a little easier for me.

It's not the general caring that is grinding me down, its more the constant appointments and kicking and fighting various agencies to get the help we need.

So I'm thinking, at SS SALT will be there weekily as will OT/physio so that two services I won't need to sort out. DD1 will receive transport so hopefully there will be less ferrying around etc etc

Am I being too hopefull or will another set of issues fill the gap? I'm so exhausted I really could do with some hope it will get easier.

Graciefer Fri 19-Dec-08 15:42:48

My DS1 started part time at his Special School when he was 3 and it really did make life a lot easier for us.

So much so that we pushed for him to be allowed to start fulltime the term before his 5th birthday (like almost every other primary school in this city allows).

His school is really great helps we so much more than just education, for example they helped us obtain a mclaren major from wheelchair services, fought our corner when DS1 was intially turnt down for free school transport and even help with practical things like having a hairdresser visit the school regularly.

Graciefer Fri 19-Dec-08 15:43:57

I wish this site allowed you to edit messages, that should read 'His school is really great and it help with so much more than just education'.

needmorecoffee Fri 19-Dec-08 16:28:34

yes. dd started reception mornings only in september. All physio and OT (and apparently SLT but she hasn't been seen) has been done in the school. We still have to do consultant appointments, splint clinic and wheelchair clinic but its a lot less now thank gawd.
dd is at mainstream. they are sorting out her communication device as she can't speak and her head switch (no hand function)
But, the space gets filled with statementing.....

cktwo Fri 19-Dec-08 18:20:07

Funnily enough, statementing is the one thing I think we had a handle on. We beat the guy from the council down in our first meeting. I think he knows he's got to watch us now grin!

Pixel Fri 19-Dec-08 18:27:38

It got so much easier when ds started school. He sees the SALT and OT at school and if we have any health concerns the doctor will often arrange to see him there too. It's much easier for me to pop up there to see the doctor than to take ds out of school, traipse up to the hospital, find parking, wait around for the appt, take him back etc. The school helped organise a crelling harness for our car and they are getting a weighted jacket for ds to try. They even wash his PE and swimming kits! They really do spoil us parents.

MannyMoeAndJack Fri 19-Dec-08 18:33:45

School brings physical space from the day-to-day caring which is what I needed when my ds started school. He went full-time from day 1 and he was fine (doesn't mind change, just gets on with it). However, we still have meetings: Interim Review and Annual Review meetings (for his Statement), yearly medical appointment, Consultant appointments and SS meetings plus anything else that comes along. The school transport also made a big difference too.

I can remember counting down the months to when my ds would start school, I couldn't wait!!!!

needmorecoffee Fri 19-Dec-08 19:51:24

it is weird having a few hours to yourself.

cktwo Sat 20-Dec-08 09:46:00

I'm kind of looking forward to next year. DD2 will go to re-school for a couple of mornings in January, DD1 to school in Sept. It will be such a luxury to have peace for a few hours.

I am looking forward to being able to clean my house and fight the mummy tummy!

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