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Does anyone understand speach and language jargon..

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Lozzy100 Thu 23-Oct-08 13:14:41

Hi my daughter has had her anual review last week, i have received the minutes etc yesterday, what i dont understand is the jargon as it is all broken down by percentiles..i thought they only did percentiles on hight etc...if anyone knows i am wondering if you could email me so we can go through this on the phone, i am happy to contact you as i get free calls. I know this is a strange thing to request but it saves me having to type it all out as it is long.

My email addy is

Many thanks Lorraine xx

magso Thu 23-Oct-08 14:49:22

Lorraine - I'll try to explain centiles to get you started. In the past( ie up until a year or 2 ago!) things were expressed in age equivalents ie a child of 10 could be said to have the (eg math) ability of an average 7 year old. Now they seem to use centiles. A child who is average for their age for whatever is being assessed will be on or around the 50th centile. A less able child will be lower, and advanced child higher. Broadly average fall between 30 and 70 (or sometimes 20 - 80)although it very much depends on what is being measured and why. Centiles of 2 or below are considered very low for most things and IMHE seem to make leas sit up and listen. Sorry I can't help directly - only a mum!

Lozzy100 Thu 23-Oct-08 14:58:05

Thanks so much..Jade are scored from the 1st centile to the 5th centile.... she is going to be 10 in december... but this is where i am confused...

These scores were done on speech and understanding etc, also useing reading cards...very low scores then..

But in her anual review they say she can read and write etc... but i know she cant.. but they do admit she is 3-4 years behind.

I am starting to wonder if my child is autistic too, as she has some of the traits ....hand flapping and panting like a dog when excited, which as you can imagine in a mainstream school gets called names. no one will listen to me or test her. we have had her tested for fragile x which came back clear. so we just dont know what is fully wrong with her.

Anyhooo i am off topic here sorry, i guess i am just so relieved to be able to talk to other mums who understand what it is like.

Soooo if her scores are that low.. how can they give her level 1 and 2c's in just 12 months of her being in that school, when she was only working on P levels before.... very very confused and get no info from the school they just say please try to see this as possitive as jade has made progress..but i know she has;nt not to that extent. This is a child who cant even toilet herself..urggg i am so frustrated and alone at the moment. I dont know anyone with a child like jade.

Anyway enough rambling thanks for helping me to understand the centiles

Lorraine xx

Tclanger Thu 23-Oct-08 15:51:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magso Thu 23-Oct-08 16:08:34

Well if it helps ds sounds similar! Almost all very low centiles some below 1. It may depend how they assess at school. Things like science children sometimes score higher because it is concept based and practical ( the only subject ds has got out of P scales horray!) and can be assessed practically/ orally.
If its any help - I find the toileting accidents really difficult (especially when ds was in ms! and I had to go in to deal with it! ( It was like I had failed as a parent!). However ds new school cope brilliantly - almost all the children struggle on that front and as a result are understanding of one another! My son has real empathy for other children in this situation now!
Oh and ds now does have a Dx of ASD, although I am still struggling to accept that. He was 8. I do not know why either - but I am slowly accepting that that is how he is - a beautiful happy boy with learning disabilities and autism! We had to wait literally years to see CAHMS. We are now waiting for behavioural support too - we got to the top of the q and the psych left so we are waiting again.
I do hope you get the support you and Jade need!The system is appalling!! ((hugs))

Lozzy100 Thu 23-Oct-08 16:20:57

I have asked if she could be seen by someone, she is seen at the hospital every few months, but they wont accept there is anything else wrong with her other than GDD, even though she was organiseing everything by colour in her room and hand flapped, jade had a brain scan when she was 4 years old wich showed loss of volume on the termporal lobe on the right side of her brain as she had epilepsy which never showed up on the traditional testing methods, but i am wondering if this loss of volume is the cause of her problems as she does not have fits anymore touch wood.

I have been trying special education authorities but getting no where fast.

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