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I need some advice about ds please.

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mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 16:46:48

Ds went to Speech and Language Therapy for 8 weeks through the summer.He had 16 sessions,2 days aweek,for an hour each day.
Ds seemed to get more upset each time i took him.
This week he has started nursery,he has only been tuesday and today so far.Today he cried off and on all the time he was there.Ds doesn't talk much and i'm really worried about him at nursery.
Anybody got any advice to help him settle?

mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:10:48

Just to give you abit of info on Ds(sorry trying to do 10 things at once).
Ds is 3.2 and doesn't really talk much or interact with others.He can say afew words and sentences which he will then keep saying.One of them being "Where's mummy,i want mummy".Which he has spent all morning saying while at nursery.The nursery is part of the primary school which he will start next september.(he seems to young).
He is a happy little boy but i think he feel alone at nursery,he doesn't know anybody.And not talking much isn't helping.
Please somebody give me some advice.I feel so sorry for him.sad

TotalChaos Thu 18-Sep-08 17:38:01

possibly if he takes a little toy - car or animal from home that might help? otherwise I would see it as the nursery staff's job to settle him - to distract him. give it a little longer - say a week - then speak to nursery staff and/or school senco about DS's speech problems and how they can work with him. It can take a good few weeks to settle in nursery especially if it's the first time he has been in childcare - but I think you are right to be concerned given the language problems.

btw at that age I wouldn't worry too much about not knowing anybody/feeling alone - ime of 3 and 4 year olds quite a few of them will be glad just to run around with other kids without much talking iyswim.

TotalChaos Thu 18-Sep-08 17:41:12

btw depending on if you are near a city, some cities have specialist speech and language nurseries - might be worth you inquiring with Speech Therapy department if such a thing exists - might be suitable for your DS.

mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:43:36

Thanks for the reply.
The nursery staff know about ds's problems,so thats a good thing.

The one thing that does worry me is ds doesn't play/run around with the other children.And of course with him going to nursery it has high lighted this more.
But i will let ds take a toy with him next week.
Thanks again.

TotalChaos Thu 18-Sep-08 17:45:19

at 3, especially with a speech delay, I would expect more parallel play than playing together iyswim. given your concerns, have you thought about getting a paediatrician appointment and/or educational psychologist referral? has your DS had any individual speech therapy? what is speech therapy department plan of action after the classes?

mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:45:40

I didn't know about the specialist nurseries.That something to think about if ds doesn't settle.

TotalChaos Thu 18-Sep-08 17:47:46

they are usually run in conjunction with ican (

mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:48:19

Ds hasn't had any individual speech therapy,only group.The plan now is to visit ds in nursery.
Ds is usally sat on his own.sadBut he is a happy little boy.

mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 17:49:01

Thanks for the web site.I'll have a look at that.

TotalChaos Thu 18-Sep-08 17:54:22

did you find the group therapy useful? unless SALT comes up with lots of useful suggestions when she visits the school I would seriously consider getting a private assessment - they would do a programme of work for you do to with him at home to help his speech. It might also be that another mainstream school nursery would suit him better - DS's private nursery was crapola, but his mainstream school nursery was great, very used to dealing with kids with language delays.

BriocheDoree Thu 18-Sep-08 18:18:59

My DD has a language disorder and mainly plays on her own (she's 4.4). On the other hand, she's very happy, loves being around other kids, just doesn't want to interact. I think it's hard for them when they can't talk! She has (private) 1to1 SALT every week and has come on loads since she began. Oddly enough, we're now trying to set up some group therapy to help the social skills side of things, but still waiting on that. I expect it's very daunting for your little boy, being at nursery. DD used to withdraw into herself quite a bit - I think she felt that nobody understood her because she couldn't communicate, and she didn't understand as much of what was going on around her as the other kids. With help, things are slowly improving, but it takes time!

mommy6 Thu 18-Sep-08 22:42:58

I didn't really think the group sessions helped to be honest.Ds ended up crying ever time i took him.Which was stressful for us both.I felt they were trying to force ds to do things and say words,not just help him.e.g.The last time i took him,they wanted him to do a jigsaw and say what the pieces were.But they had got cars and other toys around and he wanted to play with them.Every time he moved from the table they told him to sit down again.Don't get me wrong they did talk nice to him,but i don't think it's helped him.
BriocheDoree your dd sounds just like my ds.He is more than happy to be with others without the need to talk to them.
I'm going to keep taking ds to nursery and perhaps have a meeting with the staff.

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