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At what age is Aspergers normally diagnosed

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pepsi Thu 10-Feb-05 10:05:29

My DS is almost 5 and is getting classroom support and is on an IEP. He displays many sypmtons such as poor eye contact, is a loner, aloof, doesnt like change, obessesed with trains, poor gross skills. I was looking at a website last night about AS and he displays loads of the symptons. He does see a pead and we have an appointment next month to check progress. Whenever I look at a website for any of these conditions I am always convinced he has something. Can children display all of these symptons and then turn out to be totally fine. The paed told me on our last visit that we will no for sure by the time he is about 6/7. It seems ages away for us.

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 10:13:14


my son looked like 'just' having ADHD till age 7 then Asperger's was suggested middle son has AS too....

and my youngest is 'heading that way'

Though Asperger's is present from is common that at age 6/7 it becomes obvious.....children at school stop playing with the child who is 'different' - their self esteem takes a nose dive- they don't understyand why no one plays with them...they don't understand why kids play the games they do....the are expected to act grown up- but find everyday life challenging- whereas when they were younger it was acceptable to help a child at school to organise themselves...suddenly they have to manage on their own.... hope this makes sense!

Like you....i read all the stuff on different disorders and can see traits in all my boys...but i think ther key point to remember here is that many of these disorders do overlap- so IF your child is somewhere within ght e'spectrum' then YOU WILL RECOGNISE HIM IN MANY DISORDERS....however there will be something which is more dominant.....

pepsi Thu 10-Feb-05 10:23:40

You must worry a lot about your boys. How do you cope? Is your middle son ok at home. My ds is great (mostly....he is only 4) at home and when we are out he is fine too. No problems in restaurants, supermarkets and in town. He plays great with his sister. Is this because he is comfortable with her and being at home. Am just trying to understand how he is. His school have recommened an EP and am trying to make sense of everything before the form filling begins.

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 10:35:04

knowing how rare /hard to see an EP is ...i'd go for it!!

however understand your needing to be sure.

when they rumoured that ds1 was AS...i refused to accept it as i had a very fixed idea about autism.

but with ds2 i was desparate for a diagnosis..... and now with's painful when he gets into so much trouble at school which i believe is due to him having AS....its a case of him being told he's done wrong atc....but i truley belive he doesn't get it.

However if he were the only one i had behaving this way...then like you i would not feel so ready to label...but as i have 3 i maybe see subtle things earlier than would be noticed????/

pepsi Thu 10-Feb-05 10:49:08

Im more than happy for him to see an EP. I just wondered whether or not some children display sypmptons to various conditions and then in the end are actually fine and it was just their way. My ds had glue ear really badly and his hearing was afftected until he was nearly 3, its all ok now but we will never know what impact that had on his development and how he views the world around him. How do you boys behave at home?

MrsFROSTgetful Thu 10-Feb-05 10:57:53

we get the 'fallout' peiod after school- which is where they let out all the anxieties of the day at school.

things can be quite tough then!

generally as long as they are all getting on with their own thing they are fine...they do interact successfully too...but i find now as they get older i have to intervene more than is neccasary!

there are times when ds2 and 3 are sat huddled together playing their gameboys...and i cry with love ....then 5 minutes later ds2 will loses his temper and its the extreme opposite.

ds1 interacts with them less- but as he's getting older (11 now) he trys to join in as the 'sensible older brother'...which is fine- but he also has if his medicine has worn off this ends in chaos.

it is hard...all boys etc..... but i think the AS being there makes me have to 'get involved' when a parent of 'normal' kids wouldn't...even though 'normal' kids fight and argue- i believe they usually know when to quit...Mine don't!!

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