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Does this sound familiar? Aspergers's?

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BeautifulSpectrum Sun 27-Jul-08 12:00:02

A year ago this week my dd was dx with classic autism, she is nonverbal and fairly severe.

Over the last few months my ds2 behaviour has been becomimg more difficult. The worst being his temper tantrums. He is 4.5.

Saw HV this week and she said there is somthing genuine there and asked lots of questions about his dad as a child. She hinted towards perhapes AS. Told me to go to the speech clinic fri, so i did and she said there is a problem and referred him to the paediatricians at my dd chidrens centre.

Here are my concerns:
? Didn?t want to go to old nursery. He said he had no friends at old nursery. He left there to go to new pre school where he was ok at first but then didn?t want to go anymore. Cried when being dropped off, but luckily it was long before the end of term. He is due to start primary school in September.
? He can have major temper tantrums when things aren?t how he wants them. Examples: sandwich not cut correctly (triangles), he hasn?t helped me spread his sandwich, socks that don?t feel right and biscuits that aren?t whole etc.
? Aggressive when doesn?t get his own way, hitting me etc he has done this and other behaviour in front my daughters Portage worker and other visitors
? Can get very anxious in social situations: Cried at pre- school play.
? When we have visitors he can switch from being shy to be very hypo, even ?crazy? like. ? Perhaps not understanding how to react in that type of social situation.
? Gets angry if told to wait even if I explain the reasons.
? Doesn?t like sharing or taking turns ? example : I gave two crisps to dd out of ds2 packet and he had a tantrum and refused to eat the rest of the packet because she had two from it
? Doesn?t like some labels in clothing
? Doesn?t like to walk on the grass without shoes on- portage witnessed this too
? Bites nails and skin around nails ?All fingers and sometimes toes
? Laughs inappropriately ? When bum being smacked or when I?m very upset with him
? Hums when eating
? Throat clearing noise ? I have witnessed this when he thinks there is no one else in the room. He has periods of doing this often and sometimes not. He sometimes does this when excited I think. It is odd and I and my mum have never come across this before. It like he is going to spit but not actually spitting.
? Get very angry if he?s losses games (board games)


? Old nursery were concerned about his communication even though he spoke on time as as baby.
? Copies what we say in an little voice ? portage witnessed this too
? Sometimes copies myself and others (immediate Echolalia?) : Example: We are popping bubble wrap and we couldn?t find anymore bubbles....
Me: They?ve all gone
ds2: They?ve all gone
Me: Can I have a cuddle?
ds2: Can I have a cuddle (He isn?t asking me, he?s looking else where when saying it).
? He will be talking about something and presume I know what he is talking about, then he will ask a question about it, I will say ?I don?t know what you?re talking about?, he will get mad. I will then say ?What is it you are talking about?? He will then ask the first question again. This is a complicated conversation
? Takes things literally. Example: His dad said ?I just don?t understand you sometimes ds2?. ds2 replied ?When??. ds2 was taking the ?sometimes? literally, When his dad didn?t mean it like that.
? He says ? ds1 poked my tongue out at me?. When he is meant to say ?ds1 poked his tongue out at me?
? Says: ?Can you let me in??, when trying to get out of the bedroom (there?s a child gate on the door). Instead of saying ?Can you let me out??
? Sometimes I have to translate what he?s talking about to other people and grandparents etc. But he can come out with some lovely words like 'delectable'!!

Sorry its really long but i would be grateful for any comments.


p.s please excuse my spellings

amber32002 Sun 27-Jul-08 12:24:28

I'm not a diagnostic person, but it sounds like there's something for one of them to investigate, yes. That does sound very much like Asperger syndrome from what you write?

catweazle Sun 27-Jul-08 12:28:38

Some of your first group of examples could be one of my older boys. They have dyspraxia, plus DS2 also has ADHD.

DS1 would only wear certain clothes because others didn't feel right.

DS2 would go into meltdown when asked to share, particularly food. He was also very violent, especially towards DS3.

Tclanger Sun 27-Jul-08 21:24:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotalChaos Sun 27-Jul-08 21:28:42

Agree with TClanger. And I would look at getting a speech therapy referral as well.

isgrassgreener Mon 28-Jul-08 09:10:17

This sounds like my DS when he was that age, he was given a DX of AS at 6.
He was aggressive in lots of situations from about age 2 till about 7, glad to say that he is not aggressive anymore and now finds other ways to deal with his frustrations of wanting things to be a certain way.
I have found the DX very helpful and things have changed so much since we got it.
I hope you get lots of help, it sounds like you have a lot to deal with.

BeautifulSpectrum Mon 28-Jul-08 10:40:31

Thanks for your replies, much appriciated.

Im just glad we have got the ball rolling with her refering him to the paed. See how it goes i supose. But i should imagine we may have a wait this time around. ;)

Thanks again xx

Buckets Tue 29-Jul-08 19:58:26

Have def heard mums on here talking about the humming while eating!smile

Just curious about the throat clearing noise, is it with his mouth shut? Only I used to do something like that if my ears felt itchy, thinking the noise was all in my head! I stopped after an assembly when the headmaster mentioned it curiously (luckily my friends didn't blab LOL.) Had completely forgotten about that!

Good luck

wolfjane Thu 31-Jul-08 21:49:02

sounds identical to my son,all of it actually, he is 7 with as, got diagnosed last year, though pead suspected it for ages. he loves the feel of spitting, he always hums when he is eating(he hates the sound of food being chewed from himself and others, he has only recently told me this). He clears his throat alot too! If he is diagnosed there is some good help around, it can be v slow as i am sure you know! i'm going through the process again now with my ds!

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