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10 year old ASD & Dyspraxia Dx's

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smeagle Wed 16-Jul-08 18:52:11

I have two boys with ASD, one with Dyspraxia the other with a whole host of other medical issues.

My 10 year old has ASD dx'd Dec 07, DCD diagnosis' - dx'd 01/02 and is in mainstream. He was recently assessed by OT & PT who have recommended that he have a laptop for use in school, school can't provide because he doesn't have a statement, he's on school action plus, has a wobble cushion, writing slant amongst other things provided, but no funding for a laptop. School have worked with PT & OT and I've been reasonably pleased with the way they've worked with and supported him. School however didn't seem overly bothered about applying for a statement in order to get him a laptop - so I've done it!!

I know it's probably not going to be such a big issue for the next year, but as of september he'll be year 6 and we'll be looking at senior schools where he will need far more support than he does now, and knowing how long these things take to get etc.

During a discussion with the TA in his class earlier on in the week, I was advised/told that I am not likely to get the statement because our LEA are not giving them out to children with more "significant issues" so my DS has no chance.

I don't have anything in writing yet from the LEA to say they won't assess, so there probably isn't much I can do until I actually have that in my hand. Just wondering if anyone else has been through the process of trying to get a statement for an older child, and who would be good to speak to!

Many Thanks


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