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worst christmas ever

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Jimjambells Mon 27-Dec-04 03:40:51

IN fact worst day with ds1 for over 2 years. I dn't think it was xmas in particular that was the problem as he started screaming and shouting before he could even have realised that anything was different. And continued all day. Literally.

At about 6pm I went all dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. My mum (a nurse) took my blood pressure and the bottom reading was well over 100 (having been 65 2 days previously) so up to hospital for monitering. Had a lovely relaxing few hours (seriously!) waiting for blood test results etc during which my blood pressure dropped- all pre-eclampsia screens were normal - so they said it must have been stress realted (!!) They probably thought I'd been getting stressed over a turkey (didn't bother mentioning ds1).

Got home at 11pm and ds1 was still up and still screaming- practically hysterical by now. Finally he fell asleep at midnight and dh and I opened our pressies.

WHilst all this was going on was trying to keep some sort of normal xmas going for ds2 as he was really into it. Doing things differently next year (buying ds1 a load of small toy cars etc that he can play with and explore independently and dumping them in his room unwrapped- think it might work better.

And what am I doing up at 3.35am? Wondering whether I'm in early labour (ds1 induced, ds2 electve section). It's been so long since I've had an antenatal class that I thought that it wasn't labour until contractions were lasting 2 minutes- but having just looked it up in some book realised that not true and these "braxton hicks" that have woken me up and are keeping me awake may actually be the start. Just wondering whether to try and get some sleep but they're coming every 20 mins which is making it hard! SO distracting myslef on mumsnet instead.

Jimjambells Mon 27-Dec-04 03:46:35

Should just add he was lovely all boxing day. Woke up at normal time so thought he was going to be tired and hideous all day, but he was a delight. Funny, cheeky and very cuddly. On xmas day he was flipping about the microwave at my parents house- wanted it on all the time and screamed if it went off or if something was wrong. Boxing day he was picking up various cups, shoving them at us saying 'microwave" then killing himself laughing when we said "bye bye microwave".

And he fed the fish chocolate buttons, which is copying, kind of (he knows about fish food).

littledrummerbird Mon 27-Dec-04 03:50:51

Hi - what a hellish day! I think we're all exhausted and drained after Christmas, but your day sounds the prizewinner. Sorry to hear it was so rough. When are you due? BTW, I'm up because I'm in America at the you're 6 hours ahead of must be almost delirious by now.

Jimjambells Mon 27-Dec-04 04:08:41

due on Friday..... Dh describes me as the amazing non-labouring woman as I always have slow build ups. Really not sure whether this is false labour and am thinking that I ought to go and get some sleep. DH is meant to be picking up his parents from the airport (2 and a half hour round trip) tomorrow am and am wondering whether to let him go. He's take autistic ds1, but I'd still have 2 year old ds2- would be just my luck to get a change in tempo when alone with a toddler!

I think I need to drink 8oz of water then lie on my left side-apparently if its not true labour then contractions will stop and I can get some sleep. The other slight confusion is because I've had 2 previous sections been told I need continuous monitoring in labour- don't want to go in too early but am obviously nervous about leaving it too late!

Have a good night's sleep!

hoxtonturkey Mon 27-Dec-04 05:05:00

hope you're either asleep or in labour jimjams. sorry xmas was grim, glad ds1 was lovely yesterday. hope to see a birth announcement soon.

Christmassbee Mon 27-Dec-04 05:10:13

Message withdrawn

anniebear Mon 27-Dec-04 07:04:03

sorry you had such a bad time


eidsvold Mon 27-Dec-04 08:06:13

sorry to hear christmas was not good.... hopefully no3's appearance makes up for it. Lovely to hear boxing day picked up

GRMUM Mon 27-Dec-04 08:23:18

Sorry Christmas day was a bit of a bummer but glad you managed to have a lovely day on boxing day. If you are in labour I hope all goes smoothly.Look foward to the birth announcement!

WideWebWitch Mon 27-Dec-04 08:38:43

Oh my word Jimjams, sorry you had such an awful time. And I hope you're not in labour if you don't want to be (can't remember if you've going for a VBA2C or not). I really hope next year is better.

Jimjambells Mon 27-Dec-04 09:02:06

Was asleep- all quietened down - I am still the amazing non-labouring woman. Off to drink raspberry leaf tea and take some caulophylum.

Did find myself cleaning my window ledges (revolting and awkward) in our kitchen yeserday and bossing dh around to do the bits I couldn't reach. So can't be far off.

And ds1 has woken up calm........ Of course we've just had a full moon haven't we which would explain why he didn't sleep the week before xmas...

PaRumPumPumScum Mon 27-Dec-04 09:27:11

Sorry the day was so stressful, jj but glad ds1 recovered for Boxing Day. Hope labour will kick in properly (yet miraculously painlessly) v soon and that ds3 will have a peaceful arrival.

ladyhawk Mon 27-Dec-04 10:15:28

ooohhh jimjams didnt realise you were due so soon..sorry your christmas day was so stressful hopefully labour will be begin soon,look forward to the birth announcement of litle jimjam xxxx

coppertop Mon 27-Dec-04 10:16:36

LOL at "the amazing non-labouring woman" title from your dh.

Sorry you had such a cr@ppy time of it all. I hadn't realised about the full moon. It might explain a few things around here too!

Batters Mon 27-Dec-04 10:32:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigermoth Mon 27-Dec-04 11:07:47

jimjams, hope you're either in labour ( and it's going well) or having a more relaxing time at home. LOL about the window ledges!

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