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i know I am being thick but this has confused me

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2shoes Sun 09-Sep-07 22:02:18

dd is in yr 8
she has severe cp. and cannot read properly yet/
so the school send home a booklet about free books. pick a book for free.
brill idea. but the booklet is aimed at yr 7's who can read.
so i got ds to pick.
brill idea to get teens to read but
surely sn schools should have a different choice of books.

moondog Sun 09-Sep-07 22:04:52

I would have thought so.
What scheme is it?
I'll ask in the schol I work in?

How wide is the choice?

Problem is by offering books for younger children,it may seem patronising and demeaning.

You should be able to buy some fab coffee table type books (art or photography) which are age appropriate without having too much text.

2shoes Sun 09-Sep-07 22:15:19

they are nice books. but really for "readers" still i thought if we got one that ds liked he could read it and she could have it later when she is a "reader"
I know what you mean though.
hard one

needmorecoffee Mon 10-Sep-07 07:23:55

This is slightly off topic but I was wondering when and how kids with CP learn to read. DD (at themoment) appears to have normal intellectual development but because of the brain damage has processing issues.She's also got CVI and visual impairment. She can't speak.
The special school doesn't appear to do anything academic. Do they? I mean, I assume kids with severe CP need to learn to read and do mathsand get GCSE's same as anyone else.
I do counting with DD and colours. She's got her colours but is finding the concept of 'number of things' quite hard as she can't touch or hold 'things'. Goodness knows about reading, her vision is so poor that big print books would need letters about 4 inches high I imagine then they'd be too big and cos she finds tracking hard she'd never see the whole letter.
Any tips?

2shoes Mon 10-Sep-07 09:06:22

not sure
dd's sn school cover maths/english, and all other topics. they don't do gcse's though. if I wanted that level I would have to change schools.
They are using phonics now. it has taken a long time to get up and running but now we have a new head things are at last happening.
she is 12 and in yr 8 and can count to 30 reconise her letters and is starting to read.
she also has learnt shapes and things like that.
what kind of school does your dc go to?

2shoes Mon 10-Sep-07 09:08:38

can you email me on so I can send you an invite for TTR(yahoo group)

gess Mon 10-Sep-07 12:44:44

ds1's SLD/PMLD school does academic stuff that's appropriate to the level of the child- so readers work through reading schemes etc, no readers do pre-reading etc. Some things are hard for them to do (with ds1) because of attention issues, but I videoed him doing some stuff at home and they've changed the work he does for maths etc (I didn't ask them to- they completely took on board what they'd seen in the videos).

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