Can anybody advise on school closures & EHCP?H

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confusedofengland Wed 18-Mar-20 23:11:06

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but worth a try.

Will my child with EHCP still have to go to school after Friday, as I understand he would be in the 'vulnerable children' category & therefore still provided for? His 2 brothers attend the same school & don't have EHCP & I know he would be very distressed to have to go to school when they don't! Thanks

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peacebypeace Thu 19-Mar-20 01:52:24

Your child's school should be in touch to give you some guidance OP. I work in a special school and I interpreted that parents can continue to send their children to school if they have an EHCP but will not be forced to. I await guidance from our headteacher tomorrow.

Friolero Thu 19-Mar-20 08:05:19

It's not clear at all at the moment, but I don't think it's a case of having to go to school if you have an EHCP, but more that the option is there if you want your child in school.

My son is in a special needs school where all the children have EHCPs so in theory they could all continue to go to school, but seeing as more than half the staff have their own kids then I don't see how that will work. The headteacher is seeking clarity today and trying to work out what they can do. I think a lot of the parents will choose to keep the kids off, especially those with greater medical needs, but for others (us included), it would be great for the children to continue to have the structure of at least part time schooling. I think my son would really struggle being at home all day and if he is at home my other two kids won't be able to focus on the work their school have set them to do at home.

jennyOc Thu 19-Mar-20 14:21:50

I agree with Friolero, it is not possible for special schools to open to all their pupils. Special schools are trying to reduce risk with dwindling staff numbers. Keeping children safe is a priority and this includes reducing numbers.

PerpetualCircle Thu 19-Mar-20 17:27:20

I emailed DS school (mainstream primary)to ask what provision would be available as he has ECHP and therefore fits criteria of vulnerable child. I also cc’d in our social worker.
Head called back to say he could go in next week, but that no sufficient staff to implement ECHP, and if he a ‘posed a risk to others’I would have to collect him.
I asked her to put it in writing.
I reckon he won’t last 2 days!

Frazzledbutcalm Thu 19-Mar-20 17:52:01

My dd is at college with an ehcp .. I’ve had the phone call to ask if she is going in next week.

I’m confused - why are those with an ehcp actually being allowed to go in? What is it that school would give them? I don’t understand why they’re being considered to stay in school. I’m genuinely confused.

Lesley25 Thu 19-Mar-20 20:18:52

If half the staff in a ss have children then their children also get to have a place in school as they would be listed as a key worker I’m assuming.
If the children’s father isn’t key worker status then I presume he would look after the children.
This is for the small minority of kids without health implications whereby school is an integral part of their life. Parents wouldn’t cope and neither would the child out of school routine for such an extended period of time.

Lesley25 Thu 19-Mar-20 20:32:45

The cohort in a ss would Naturally reduce, children with compromised immune systems and so forth reduce this number as well as parental choice. This leaves even in a ss a much smaller amount of pupils, ehcp staff ratio may be relaxed if it’s safe to do so(this passed through the commons) and Agency staff will be used, redeployed staff from other schools could also be used as well as different premises.
This can work well, remember we are talking about a small percentage even in a ss who would use this. Even if staff are in isolation this would be on a14 day basis and then re entered into the school.

I’m tired of hearing about staff who want to be off just because their kids are off. This is a national effort. The burden shouldn’t lie on one person for such a long time. Staff, premises can all be rotated. The government has already pledged to reimburse schools who have to do this.

In a ss if staff are off they probably won’t be rolling out online curriculums and setting marking work. So is it fair that they should just be off with full pay even if they have kids? Most teachers in mainstream will be delivering online curriculums and the ones that aren’t will be deployed to look after those children in a mainstream setting who have ehcps.

It’s important to also remember that all special needs parents with children who have severe disabilities whereby school is so integral to their well being would give their right arm for this NOT to be the case.

dairyfairies Thu 19-Mar-20 20:56:50

I called DD's special school today and was told that don't know yet and they try to get clarification. apparently, accessing school was only intented for children with EHCPs attending mainstream settings but not did special schools as the entire cohort has EHCPs and the idea of closures is to break the infection chain. our school did not know this PM what was going to happen and tried to find out. we will hopefully learn more tomorrow.

it's a real mess but I think if we have school closures to stop Covid spreading, there is no point having all special schools open as usual.

Lesley25 Thu 19-Mar-20 21:08:27

I disagree that it was only intended for children with ehcps in a mainstream environment.
Gavin Williamson specifically said this was for a minority of children with ehcps whereby school was an integral part of their life.
Even in a ss you will get a much much smaller cohort who don’t have health implications making them susceptible to the worse aspects of the coronavirus.
You take that group fo children out of a ss and that may well be 30% upwards. You then factor in the children whose parents want to take their children out anyway and that’s 10% say.
Suddenly you’re left with 60% of children who are in ss and your Ot have 40% of staff off and even if you do - a 14 day isolation rotation would bring them back after that.

It’s not a mess. The children who need to be in school because their parents couldn’t cope for months on end and neither would the children are exactly who this was designed for.

ALemonyPea Thu 19-Mar-20 21:13:29

DS goes to MS, has an EHCP with a full time 1:1. School phoned today and asked me what I wanted to do. I've made the decision to keep him at home as he would be very unhappy and distressed at his siblings being off. School have made a daily timetable for him for home so he has some time set aside for school work and a little bit of routine, otherwise he would want to be on his electrical devises all the time.

dairyfairies Thu 19-Mar-20 21:26:50

It’s not a mess. The children who need to be in school because their parents couldn’t cope for months on end and neither would the children are exactly who this was designed for.

a lot of special schools are closing so it clearly isn't as simple as children and parents needingnthe the place. DD's special school is not open. She has complex needs. it's not as simple as that I (or other parents) may not cope. there is nowhere to send the kids! we just have to cope!

LorettaIsMyTrueSelf Thu 19-Mar-20 21:48:46

My child has an EHCP but no school to go to because there isn't a suitable school for 50 odd miles, so schools closing makes fuck all difference to us.

It's grating my cheese to be honest, seeing how suddenly everyone thinks it's devastating for children not to be able to go to their leavers service and prom and whatnot when the reality for a lot of disabled children is that they will never get these experiences and their parents are made to feel like they are asking the earth for expecting their child to even have a school place. But I'm staying silent on the matter on social media!

danni0509 Fri 20-Mar-20 06:49:58

Agree with every you said @LorettaIsMyTrueSelf thanks

LorettaIsMyTrueSelf Fri 20-Mar-20 17:05:22

Thanks @danni0509

I try to remember that people are just sad for their own DC and aren't really aware of the reality for so many children with disabilities. I think people can't actually comprehend that things can be so shit, until it happens to them (I was in this camp once blush )

peacebypeace Fri 20-Mar-20 21:13:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BatleyTownswomensGuild Thu 26-Mar-20 15:53:01

My DS has an EHCP. My head has told us that if we need it she will provide a place for him. However her advice was, if we can manage, try and keep him at home. The kids left at school are the kids of nurses, paramedics etc. It is not without risk having him there.

I won't say it's easy. Monday nearly broke me... sadBut trying for as long as we can possibly manage. Hope it will get easier as he adapts to the new routine...

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