5 year old and ADHD

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Ellsbells32 Sat 01-Feb-20 20:05:43

Hi everyone. My just turned 5 year old has been having support since he was 2 and a half with nursery, pre school and now in reception. He is thought to have Adhd and global developmental delay. He has an EHCP in place and the school have been amazing. However the strategies aren't working, he now has 2-1 support at school despite EHCP only providing 1-1. We have a meeting coming up and I would like his paediatrician to seriously consider medication, but due to his age he hasn't been formally diagnosed with Adhd and I think she may be reluctant to prescribe anything due to it being off license. Has anybody had experience of their 5 year old being prescribed medication for adhd or know of any research about it please?

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