Private diagnosis for ADHD

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GloGirl Mon 11-Nov-19 10:35:03

As time goes on I become more convinced that my son age 6 has ADHD. This is not supported by the school as he is bright, articulate and generally well behaved. He has periods of extreme distress at school which have cleared themselves for seemingly no reason and he is currently in a "good place" with his emotions and behaviour.

Due to his young age and his reasonable behaviour the school,the school are satisfied that he needs no specific intervention. I've been waiting for him to show signs in two settings before seeking a diagnosis for him.

Is there any value in seeking a private diagnosis at this stage? Or am I right in thinking that the school will not cooperate with a private assessment - and he will need to go through the public system anyway to get any provisions?

Advice welcome!

(Reasons for thinking he has ADHD -
Family history
Eating issues
Easily distressed
Easily calmed
Poor memory
Poor coordination
Emotionally immature
And I just know he does!)

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