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talipes- has Ponsetti worked for your dc?

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breadandroses Tue 31-Jul-07 09:56:34

My 3 week old ds has just started treatment for congenital talipes with the Ponsetti method. I didn't have any idea what to expect and it has been a huge shock

I've read the achived messages from Dinosaur, Blu etc about the treatment and I'm wondering how effective it's been for your dc's. The physio said they've used this method for approx 5 years. I don't want ds to go through years of boots if the long term outcomes aren't good. Was too upset to ask physio last week as it was the first appointment and I couldn't take everything in.

Thanks- am feeling a bit shellshocked by it all at the moment.

Dinosaur Tue 31-Jul-07 10:15:41

Message withdrawn

Dinosaur Tue 31-Jul-07 10:16:09

p.s. forgot to ask - where is he being treated?

Dinosaur Tue 31-Jul-07 10:21:05

Blu Tue 14-Aug-07 08:11:39

BreadandRoses - how are things now? Congratulations on your new baby.
Sorry you found it all so shocking - there's mothing like a bit of forewarned-is-forearmed and solidarity from people who have been through it, is there? Have you found the STEPS site?

DS didn't have Ponseti treatment - though I wish his talipes-like condition had been suitable for it, as all the research and RL peopel I know who have had Ponseti treatment have had excellent results - and although it must be hard for you now, seeing your tinyone all strapped up etc, I understand that the long term results (into adult hood) are much better than the old-style treatment.

I hope you have been able to setle into it. Did you know before your baby was born that there was talipes? DS's leg complications had shown up on the 20 week scan so I was able to do lots of research and join STEPS etc before DS was born - much easier than doing all that in the confusion of post-natalism!

Have been away for a while, so only just saw your message.

babalon Tue 14-Aug-07 23:36:58

Yes I can say ponseti has worked for ds2 and the changes are amazing! At the end of the dat the ponseti method is at the very least the best first line method that you can try if and I repeat IF it doesn't work for your lo then you can look into alternative surgical treatments. Usually the ponseti method should begin before the child has any major surgery

Good luck with it, I post on the STEPs forum under the name 'shadow' you might find it useful

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