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Angelinthenightx Wed 05-Jun-19 19:16:25

Hey all ,my daughter wears splints but as she is getting older i am struggling to get footwear that is easy to get her feet into any ideas? X

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hazeyjane Wed 05-Jun-19 19:55:28

When ds had DAFOs I found it best to buy shoes/boots a size too big, remove any insole and sometimes remove the tongue of the shoe - as long as it could do up over the splint, it didn't matter how unsupportive they were.....also, the cheaper the better!

Angelinthenightx Wed 05-Jun-19 21:07:45

Thank u, i cant get her in school shoes & up until start year i got her into vans but now i can only get uggs on her, do want cheaper footwear as they put her in a stander and walker at school that ruines them,she is 10 years old with splints she needs a size 13

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