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Received letter from independent school

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jenk1 Sat 21-Jul-07 14:48:27


I met with M and his parents last week and it is clear that he is a young person who is highly anxious and easily becomes overwrought.
It is also equally clear that academically he is a very able youngster and should have no difficulty in coping with the demands of a mainstream curriculum.
However, he is extremely emotionally fragile and I suspect currently would struggle to cope with the social and emotional demands of a mainstream

Perhaps as a way forward as I understand M,s parents are currently in dispute with the LEA and a tribunal case is pending, it would be advisable to consider
M completing his primary education at R school with a view to working closely with an identified secondary high school, to consider the possibility of a return
to this environment towards the end of YEar 7 or even in Year 8. Once we have established relationships with that high school and developed and
strengthened M,s emotional resilience, then a supported transfer to a secondary high school could then, hopefully, be more viable and more likely to succeed.

This could be closely monitored by the LEA and subjected to Statutory review with intervening monitoring visits so that informed judgements can be made
with regard to M,s emotional functioning. We would also be in a position to work closely with any clinical support tat could be provided for M to ensure that he was given the best possible opportunity to engage in the educational process.overcome some of his fears and enjoy regular attendance.

If the LEA feels that my suggestion has some merit then we would be in a position to offer M a place at the school commencing at the start of the academic
year in Sep 2007. I would be grateful if you could confirm before the school closes for the summer on 27th july whether you wish to take up this offer.

so this is what the meeting on tuesday is about, im hoping they will agree to this, if not then its back to tribunal.

tobysmumkent Sat 21-Jul-07 18:26:08

Message withdrawn

ladygrinningsoul Mon 23-Jul-07 10:11:39

Good luck on Tuesday, jenk

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