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So what are the options when they get big and you can't handle them any more?

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r3dh3d Sun 08-Jul-07 07:59:40

Thinking ahead, really. DD1 isn't too bad behaviourally (some self-harm issues and too antisocial for public consumption but OK for us iyswm) it's just that she's fairly mobile but operating at a pretty low level of comprehension. She doesn't get sophisticated concepts like "no" or "other people" lol.

So - atm, at bath time I can pick her up and put her in the bath (she's 3) But at some point I'm going to have to coerce her into the bath and persuade her not to get out - which I simply can't imagine happening. And at the moment the telly is on a high thing so she can't hit it (affectionately, but still it's a telly and it doesn't like it) but eventually she will be able to. etc. etc.

Short of turning the house into a padded cell, I'm not sure what we are going to do; otherwise she will need 2 adults on her restraining her 24/7 for her safety even in the house I guess.

Anyone know what happens at this point? I'm trying to work out basic things like whether I'll ever work again and how much money we are going to need to keep us all safe and I just have no idea of where we are going.

mymatemax Sun 08-Jul-07 08:59:41

The future is the most worrying part of sn, obviously I don't know your dd but for us its just gradually finding things that work & adapting us & the house & really working on changing the behaviour of the most dangerous bits.
Our ds is still young (nearly 5) but for example at 3 I couldn't imagine how we would cope with bedtime without him in his cot.. but we do, he has very little in his bedroom & a very big gate on the door.
I think his behaviour has changed, in his own way he has grown up a little, so he no longer tries to put everything in his mouth but he is for example fascinated by the cooker - even when its on!
No easy answers i'm afraid, its a difficult one.

sarah293 Sun 08-Jul-07 09:07:07

Message withdrawn

FioFio Sun 08-Jul-07 21:30:11

Message withdrawn

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