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Semantic Pragmatic Disorder - does anyone have any experience ?

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RudyVonLasagne Mon 25-Jun-07 13:25:28

I wondered if anyone has any experience of this ? My ds's speech is starting to come through (he is nearly 3) but he tends to repeat stuff and take things a bit literally, as well as shouting words out randomly. He is being assessed at the moment and has started at a special playgroup so that he can mix with his peers and other adults. I know the process of assessment is very slow, but have been reading a little about SPD and echolalia and it does strike a chord. Would be interested to hear of other experiences ?


Peachy Mon 25-Jun-07 20:50:06

Hiya, I have one with SPD (as aprt of HFA) and one with Echolalia as part of undiagnosed but probably asd.

DS1 is a challenge tbh, its actually quite ahrd to work out what things mean to him- you have to remember tot ake a step back. I ahve also noticed that whereas we can do that, in school etc he gives up quickly- he has verbal abilities (not including SPD) equivalent to a 16 - 21 year old he's 7.5) but doesn't talk much in classes any more.

realy, its a bit like learning a foreign langauge for the adults, and like being in a country where everyone speaks a dialect of your own for the kids. We have colated (on BIBIC advice) a scrapbook with ds1 where we collect phrases etc and put what they mean for future reference (eg raining cats and dogs = its raining heavily) and I think thats a good thing to do.

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