Struggling in year 1

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Notplanningonposting101 Mon 08-Oct-18 21:04:56

My DS has just gone into year 1, up until now his behavior at school and nursery has always been wobbly but since he started year 1 it’s seems to have gone downhill rapidly.
He is regularly refusing to do the work he’s asked to and this often results in him throwing chairs, hitting the TA or teacher and today he bit his TA.

He seems very anxious about school work but not school itself, he runs into the playground and plays with his friends.

School are bringing in a behavioural specialist to see if they have any tips but I’m worried they will have to exclude him before this happens. At the moment they are struggling to keep the rest of the class safe.

Is there anything we can/should be doing? I think they are assuming he has autism but we don’t have a diagnosis as he has always managed at school up to now

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BackforGood Mon 08-Oct-18 22:12:39

Is he on a waiting list for assessment ?
Have school (or yourselves) worked out any triggers?
Does he have sensory differneces?
Does he struggle with transitions ?
Is there a written plan in place, saying what adjustments the school are making, and saying how they will handle things when he does lose control?

Notplanningonposting101 Mon 08-Oct-18 22:30:53

He’s not on a waiting list yet, the dr was keen to hear what the behaviour specialist said before he referred us on, the school don’t mind if we get a diagnosis or not.

He does struggle with transitions so they have a visual timetable and warnings in place for him. I’m not sure about sensory issues, he struggles with loud busy places and still sucks his thumb a lot when he is anxious but things like clothes don’t bother him. He has fiddle toys at school but I don’t think he really uses them.

They are writing the plan at the moment and haven’t seen it yet, they have backed off with their expectations- if he writes anything that’s a success!

At home is he is pretty much fine, he very rarely loses it so it’s difficult to help school with techniques and triggers.

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Mommy234 Tue 16-Oct-18 12:23:25

I could have written this myself as my son is the same in school and it's been horrible trying to pinpoint why.
How is your boy now?

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