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LightTheLittleLight82 Sat 14-Jul-18 10:57:27

Our HV raised concerns that our DS who is 3.4 may be autistic and / or have ADHD. This was a few months ago - we tried some strategies with his behaviour and there has been a noticeable difference. We had our follow up to discuss next steps but in terms of ASD, although there are some red flags (obsessed with opening and closing doors, can find it hard to instigate social stuff though he loves kids and is quite social) there aren't some of the others (great joint attention, has imaginative play, no developmental delays, scored 0 on MChat) We went through the questionnaire together for ASD and there isn't enough to make a referral.

She also suggested ADHD but said that generally toddlers aren't diagnosed with this. The red flags for that are - he doesn't have a sense of personal space and will stand far too close to people. He can't sit still, never stops moving, doesn't focus on things for long and in social situations in particular he is very overexcited and hyperactive, can be aggressive (snatching, throwing etc).

He can sit still long enough to read a book, we've made cakes together etc. When he's playing with something he likes he can focus. He's not really destructive at home and his sleep is fine. He is REALLY noticeably hyper and different if we're put with other kids. He runs around constantly, will nof stop or sit down and is very intrusive with other kids (but also a bit heartbreakingly eager to play and connect). In playgrounds however where there's slightly more structure he is largely ok.

He starts preschool in September and we're very worried. We've raised the concerns with his teacher so she's aware. His HV said to give him a month or so in preschool to see how he settles and if we and/or the school have concerns to start the process of referral so he can get support.

I don't know what I'm asking really, what was your kid like at this age? Will it be OK?

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LightTheLittleLight82 Sat 14-Jul-18 11:03:08

We haven't ruled out ASD btw, nor has she. Just that there isn't enough right now to warrant a referral but the picture may become clearer in preschool.

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Sirzy Sat 14-Jul-18 11:32:30

At three most of what you described sounds like a 3 year old!

It’s great that everything is being monitored so closely so I would try not to worry too much for now and just see what happens as he develops

whinetime89 Sat 14-Jul-18 11:35:49

At 3y little girl with ADHD was the same. We were seeing the Paediatrician at 3.5 as I Knew something wasn't right. We took a wait and see approach and things didn't get better. She has ADHD (and possibly ASD). She is now 8.
I am a Speech Pathologist and as a
Wide range of children and trust me, not all three year olds are jumping out of the box always busy etc.
if you are concerned book on with a Paediatrician ( the waitlists are usually 8+ months )

abc12345 Sun 15-Jul-18 18:24:34

I agree... I’d ask for a community paed referral from your gp because it took us a year to get seen.

I would also try and find an OT that specialises in this kind of thing. Unfortunately I’ve not managed to get any nhs support but the few sessions we’ve paid for have been invaluable. They helped me realise the reasons behind all sorts of things and put strategies in place to help. Early intervention really works, we have seen huge improvements

Allthewaves Sun 15-Jul-18 21:06:40

My eldest is combined type adhd. He is always on the go and very loud. He went through asd assessment at 4 to rule that out as they couldn't diagnose adhd until 6 where we live. He was found not to have asd at end of preschool year.

Then we had to make it through two tough years of school before adhd diagnosis and medication. Ds copes ok at home but found school very challenging and it involved sitting and being quiet.

BTW Ds has always slept like a brick. No problems going to sleep and used to nap during the day until end of reception. Consultant said it was because he was so hyperactive that his batteries ran out lol.

Adhd can also hyper focus on things they enjoy

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