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RiversrunWoodville Mon 02-Oct-17 12:46:07

Dd1 (7) has been referred to an Educational psychologist, we have said since nursery there's issues but teachers kept saying it's too early or it's because she's the youngest in her year or a preemie. Now in P4 her teacher finally agrees and referred her at the beginning of September, privately telling me she felt dyslexia, dyspraxia (mild) and ADD which fits with what we felt and HV feels. Lovely teacher also said it would be months then rang me last week to say the psychologist would be in on Monday so we were delighted and asked did we need to be there or do anything, said no. Came out of loo today to 3 missed calls and a voicemail from the (seemingly lovely psychologist) saying she'd asked the head for us to be at school today but he'd forgotten and could we meet asap for a chat? She's coming here first thing tomorrow (so dd1 is in school) and I feel sick, what if she says it's worse than we thought? Or what if she says there's nothing wrong when we know there is? Is it normal for a chat like this?

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pannetone Mon 02-Oct-17 13:44:44

Yes, normal for the EP to have a chat with parents! So don’t worry on that score.

When my DC have been seen by EPs the ‘chat’ has usually come before the observation - the EP has wanted a history and to find out how I see my DCs’ current difficulties.

As my chats have been before the observation/testing I haven’t had feedback from the EP til the report came. I don’t know how much the EP will share with you from seeing your DD or whether you’ll have to wait for her to write up her full report.

As you say, you’ve been aware of issues since your DD has been in nursery, so although it is daunting to have them officially recognised, it is a step forward to getting your DD the help she needs. The report for my DD did spell out how much her difficulties could impact on her as she got older if she didn’t have the right support - about a year later that proved correct. But it was that report that helped DD get the specialist placement she needed at that point.(She is back in mainstream now).

The EP report may not pick up all your DD’s difficulties in detail - but it may point towards other assessments that are needed - speech and language for my DD.

RiversrunWoodville Mon 02-Oct-17 14:40:01

Thank you! TBH I would love to be able to put forward some other issues we see that school probably doesn't but probably just panicked when they said urgent chat! I think my worst fear is them saying nothing is wrong and her not getting the help she so desperately needs, her new teacher is brilliant but she has a whole class to deal with plus she will only have dd this year.
Thanks for taking time to reply and calm me down.

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pannetone Mon 02-Oct-17 21:45:39

Yes, speaking to the EP is a good opportunity to 'fill in' on what the school don't see - in my DD's case that was often meltdowns after school having 'masked' her difficulties all day.

Hope your chat tomorrow is helpful smile

RiversrunWoodville Mon 02-Oct-17 22:25:57

Thanks pannetone I'm keeping my fingers crossed

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