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What would you want to read in a special needs blog?

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mamamagellanic Sat 15-Apr-17 09:50:35

DD is severely disabled. She was born very prematurely (25weeker) and given a very small chance of survival following a brain bleed.

She survived.

The next 9 years were a blur. Operations, challenges, near death experiences, constant caring, new diagnosis, appointments, meetings etc etc.
My health then declined (I got ME) which floored me. Kept me still. Gave me time to think. I've been reflecting on the past decade and feel I have much knowledge, wisdom and hope to share.

DD learned to walk (took many years) she is learning to communicate via pictures, she is a beacon of hope for even the most dismal prognosis. Nobody expected this of her. She's done amazingly well and I've learned so much.

Due to my illness I have to rest a lot when she's at school in order to be able to care for her when she's home. I love writing, I've written a couple of posts on FB that have been widely appreciated, highlighting issues we've come across and trying to raise awareness of disability, encouraging people to see the child rather than their disabilities. Parents have got in touch with me and said they want to hear more. I'd love to reach out.

Obviously I'd have to write the past decade retrospectively, that won't be a problem, some of my feelings about past struggles and miracles are still very raw. A blog will be cathartic. We still have much to accomplish so there'll always be stuff to write about!

I wondered what people would like to read about? I'm very new to blogging! The first step is proving the most difficult!

zzzzz Sat 15-Apr-17 12:52:22

I think it's a common feeling to want to both share your "wisdom" and rationalise and come to terms with what has happened to you.
One of the huge benefits for me of using this board is the feeling that some of what we've learned will help others along. It also is so helpful to read about others following their own crazy paths and it helps it feel less lonely.
I often think of blogging but more a "this is how we taught ds to read" sort of thing, so more practical. I think that's what I would want to read.

zzzzz Sat 15-Apr-17 12:53:19

I should have added what I really value is the interaction so for me this sort of forum is more fulfilling.

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