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Any of you lovely Mn's know of a CBT in Buckinghamshire?

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scoobyww Mon 26-Feb-07 19:06:53


Son of 11 needs some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, particularly Anger Management, but is refusing to go to local Psychiatric Unit as he got cross with his Consultant. I need to try another place, with a fresh approach as it were, to see if he will engage with someone else.


lexiemum Mon 26-Feb-07 22:47:44

not sure if this would help but try oxfordshire learning disability nhs trust. they have taken over some of bucks services but not sure if this is covered - might be worth a call to the psychology / psychiatry depts - google for website as I'd probably write it down wrong!

scoobyww Tue 27-Feb-07 12:18:21

Thanks for that Lexiemum!

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