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digitalpaintartist Sun 18-Dec-16 10:35:49

I have posted numerous times about my DS. He is now 27 months old and still not talking however has developed in other areas. Both pre school and us, at home, have noticed that eye contact is now normal and that he has started to concentrate on our mouths when we talk. He will take my hand and lead me to the fridge and point to the water filter or milk, depending on what he wants. He brings me toys and books to read and is starting to follow simple instructions (some of the time). He will get his blanky when asked and put rubbish in the bin and hold my hand. My gut says that the speech delay isn't ASD but could it be that I don't want it to be ASD? A friend has suggested it could be an auditory processing delay? He has had a hearing test and his hearing is normal which shocked me as he doesn't respond to us unless our voices are raised. Also, over Guy Fawkes weekend, I had him in our room as I ironed and I had the window open a crack. Every firework that went off felt like it was inside the room and made me jump but I was alarmed to notice that DS didn't react at all but carried on playing with his toys. Can anyone offer any advice? Any indication of what the problem could be? Or has anyone had a child like this who suddenly started to talk. The only word we've had is 'go' and that was after an entire morning of pushing cars down a ramp and me saying, '1,2,3 go' before he pushed the cars. When I paused before the word go, he suddenly said it smile but otherwise we've had no other words at all. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

zzzzz Sun 18-Dec-16 10:52:31

He has some receptive language but little expressive language, he can make his needs known through gesture,hearing is fine. I would say your suggested dxs of ASD/apd/language delay are all possible. I personally would use ASD techniques as they cover the language deficits and will give him some support.

Can I ask why ASD worries you more than the other dx? (Nb I'm interested not critical)

digitalpaintartist Sun 18-Dec-16 11:15:25

I suppose it seems that ASD does worry me more but it really doesn't. There is just an overall worry on my part. I suppose I am worried that DS is being labelled as potentially having ASD without considering it could be something else and with the wait to see a paediatrician taking so long, I want to explore all other potential dx.

digitalpaintartist Sun 18-Dec-16 23:24:46

Any others been through this or have any advice?

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