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What is considered 'good progress' in ABA?

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Laurajay84 Tue 12-Jul-16 21:58:20

We started ABA with our just turned 3 year old DS a couple of weeks ago. So far we are moving through the targets every couple of days as he is picking things up very quickly.

I know we've only really just started but I was wondering how quickly other people progressed through targets and what is even considered making good progress?

Thanks in advance

amunt Wed 13-Jul-16 10:21:42

I suppose 'good' varies from child to child. But it sounds like your DS is making great progress. I think main thing is seeing the progress, seeing how they are able to do things they could not previously. We had a slow start because of oppositional behaviour, but once they got a handle on that the progress has been phenomenal. The thing I find most amazing is there are some things that ds can't do and then after a session he can do it, as though a door was just unlocked. Our local authority autism services never attempted to improve anything only manage.
Good luck!

Laurajay84 Wed 13-Jul-16 10:55:27

Thanks, amunt. I suppose because I'm doing the therapy myself, with consultant workshops every 4 weeks, I'm more nervous about making sure he's reaching his full potential. I keep worrying that I should be hiring an experienced therapist.

You're right though - every time he does something new it's like a light bulb moment and he's so proud of himself smile

MaterofDragons Wed 13-Jul-16 11:56:18

One of my sons has good progress, in that he masters some things very quickly, sometimes when only just introduced. I would say my other son's progress is average. He appears to be more of a plodder, very slow but steady. Once something is mastered, however long it takes, it is down for good.

I would say your son's progress is excellent! Well done for tutoring too. I'm rubbish at it but I'm also a plodder smile

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