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urgent advice needed on how to handle this please.

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snowgirl29 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:42:23

For those of you who remember my previous threads, you'll know the crap we've gone through trying to get help for DS, undx'd.

We saw DK last year. Brilliant report. Hes moved schools. Brilliant new teacher and senco who 'get him' but are still stuck as he masks at school. He's still very much all over the place outside of school, whether with me or with family members etc but still marginally calmer than he was.

They were at their Dads at the weekend when the incident happened. Basically, my DD went up to her HT and blurted out DS had threatened her with a knife. It transpired that he'd actually told DD that he was going to get one out of daddy's (kitchen) drawer and hurt her and obviously and understandably HT has to act on it. It's well documented in all the previous CAF notes that he can have violent outbursts and I have been trying my goddamn hardest to get my ds help for years. We had a meeting this morning and I made a point of saying to DDs HT today. That any concerns towards the medical professionals HAVE to come from her as I'm shot down at every turn. I have done the parenting courses, the camhs appointments, the home visits from behaviour teams, the lot. I've worked with them all and passed with flying colours.

HT has wrote a letter to GP asking for referral back to Behaviour Team (already been signed off) and let them do a home visit to see how DS really behaves (this has already happened - despite him bouncing off the walls and growling at her every time the therapist asked him a question - recommended I attended yet another parenting class). Paeds appointment not for ages (already told me they plan on discharging DS at the next appointment and is adamant there's sod all wrong with him Because and I quote "I don't think DS has ASD - he talks to me okay"). hmm and the CAMHs. He's been through CAMHs twice. We get the same thing. No mental health problems. Must be something else going on. Then we hit a brick wall when it comes back to the Paeditrician etc. Oh and the clincher at the end "hope these things help so you can learn to manage his behaviour better at home". confused incident didn't happen in my home it happened at their Dads.

Ive left a message with the SENCO from DSs school with a copy of the letter.
I've been told to book another appointment with the GP. Which I will do, and will be taking a friend with me. But what do I say to the GP to get him to listen to us.

I'm sorry this is so long but I'm at my wits end. I'm almost past caring with trying to get anyone to listen to us. Is there anything else I should be doing that you could think might help?

snowgirl29 Wed 22-Jun-16 00:31:39

Thankyou in advance

vjg13 Wed 22-Jun-16 08:25:54

I've not read your previous threads so no background, how old are both children? I hope your GP will listen and should do if in receipt of the letter from the HT. No proper advice for you, sorry! I think you are doing your absolute best and hope the HT's involvement gets the professionals to listen.

snowgirl29 Wed 22-Jun-16 09:26:07

Thankyou vjg13. The problem we have with the GPs is that they are a marvellous bunch and have always been very helpful with me and the children. So i don't really want to have to move surgeries.
My daughter has brittle asthma and they're very good with her in giving her prompt treatment.
The GP wont refer DS for a second opinion Paed because he used to work with the current Paed that DS has now and he trusts their opinions / diagnosis's etc. My DD is 10 and my DS is 7.

youarenotkiddingme Sun 26-Jun-16 09:09:46

gosh sounds tough flowers

Have school offered or suggested to get SS involved? They can sometimes be the catalyst to getting the support you need. Professionals have guidelines which means there's certain things they have to do if child has a SW.

JudyCoolibar Sun 26-Jun-16 10:16:05

Have you asked social services for a care assessment?

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