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Private ADHD medication support/paed

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popcorn1000 Fri 03-Jun-16 18:44:20

Hi, I've not posted on this issue before or at all very much (always a bit nervous)! smile I'm aware meds may be a bit of a tricky issue, so I'll give a quick preamble. My 11-year-old DS was finally diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. After 10 years trying every parenting approach and recommendation under the sun, the only thing that made any difference and stopped him having a mental and emotional breakdown was medication. (However, that's our personal experience and I can respect people's alternative experiences and opinions.) It's completely transformed his life, and from rocking and crying in the corner of the room by the end of most days, he's now a happy, calm, well-adjusted child that's enjoying school and friendships for the first time. Bless him.

However, we're finding it difficult to support him through the existing NHS system. For example, his medication occasionally requires adjustment. When this happens the referral process takes on average 4-6 weeks (often longer). This can mean that he's struggling (and miserable) at school for a full half term.

We're trying to find if there are any ways to alternatively arrange his support, for example, with a private referral. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations?

To keep him this happy, I'll find the money somehow and cheerfully travel anywhere from Peterborough, Norwich, London (the Moon...).

orangepudding Sat 04-Jun-16 00:57:55

Does your DSs consultant and GP have shared care? If do your GP could adjust.
Or could you ring your consultant and ask for a does adjustment?

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