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Scoliosis...I'm gutted

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HHH3 Wed 25-May-16 22:45:08

I noticed a bump in 3 year old DS2's chest last week. I could see it whilst he was wearing a t-shirt. Had never noticed it before so no idea how long it's been there.

Took him to the Drs today about it. I honestly thought I'd be told he was fine but I wanted it on his medical records - especially as he has his first genetics appt in a couple of weeks. Dr examined him and it looks like scoliosis and has referred him to paeds.

I'm gutted for him. He has so much to contend with anyway and now this on topsad I actually want to stamp my feet and shout 'it's not fair'!

I'm also now trying to work out if this is linked to all the other stuff going on with him or an entirely separate issue. Which is stupid because there's absolutely no way I can tell. I think my mind is in overdrive.

zzzzz Thu 26-May-16 14:25:20

I had a similar experience with an "extra" Dx. It took the wind out of my sails.
I'm sorry it wasn't easier news.

Have a good cry and breath in and out. sad

HHH3 Thu 26-May-16 16:33:16

Thanks zzzzz

I think it has just blindsided me. I've spent so long knowing what his issues are and fighting for people to listen to me. But I just didn't see this comingsad

dimples76 Thu 26-May-16 19:39:23

Hi HHH3, I can really relate to that my concern was all centred on my boy's developmental issues and next week he is having an echo-cardiogram. Just when you think you have a handle of things ...

I guess at the moment you don't know how serious it is

HHH3 Thu 26-May-16 21:30:07

I've done a bit of googling so I have an idea but really I'm not going to know anything until he sees paeds. Should be seen in 4-6 weeks apparently.

Hope your DS is doing ok and the ECG helps get answers.

Writemedown Thu 26-May-16 21:39:03

Deep breath. It may be something or nothing.

Extra dx you aren't expecting when you've fought for so long to get other things noticed will always be a blow.


HHH3 Thu 26-May-16 21:51:04

I think I was expecting (or maybe hoping?) that they'd just say it's nothing to worry about. It honestly hadn't crossed my mind that there'd actually be a problem.

He had so much to deal with already. Not that he really understands that yet but he will. And to add another thing on top just seems so unfair.

zzzzz Thu 26-May-16 22:30:41

I think I was expecting (or maybe hoping?) that they'd just say it's nothing to worry about

This was exactly my experience. I went expecting to be gently told not to worry and came away with the possibility of a rather scary (to me) Dx. sad
Ridiculous really because we have far more serious stuff going on. It just took me by surprise. A few months later I am back on track and we will make it work.

HHH3 Fri 27-May-16 12:51:12

I think I'll feel better once he's been seen by paeds and I have an idea of their thoughts and treatment plan (if any). At least, I hope.

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