Cerebral Palsy and walking frame

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TakeItFromMe Wed 04-May-16 15:38:50

My DD is nearly 3, and has CP and CVI.

She's had a walking frame (on wheels, with her strapped in) for a few months now and it's incredibly slow progress. But what she is doing is not so much 'walking' as 'making the frame move by dragging her feet around on tip-toes'. I know it's relatively early days for her, but she seems to be much more in a walking position when we are holding her upright by her hands and encouraging her to step.

I can't help thinking the walking frame is hindering her rather than helping her, by teaching her to walk 'incorrectly'. I know nobody can tell me if she will eventually 'get it' or not, but I wondered if anyone else had similar experience of walking frames? Thanks.

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Summerdaydreams1 Wed 04-May-16 21:57:52

My dd is 4 and got a Kaye walker at 3yrs old. It was only introduced as she was starting nursery and her having independence was more of a priority. Her Physio purposefully held off because she wanted to give her as much time to develop a better pattern of movement. Physio said that unfortunately kids will be kids and will always adapt a style that is easiest for them.
Its a tough call between independence versus pattern.
DD walks okay in hers. She has improved lots but given the chance (especially when she is in a rush) she walks more on her toes and doesn't pick her feet up which mean she scuffs her shoes terribly. under instruction and at a slower pace she has a much better pattern of movement.

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