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I want to complain about this awful SENCO

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dontknowwhat2callmyself Sat 23-Apr-16 22:14:59

Hello everyone - it has been a long long time since I have posted I do still lurk smile but I have a problem which I hope I can get some advice about.

My DC is due to start secondary school next year so I contacted the SENCO of one of our local secondary schools to ask for a visit. I told her DC's diagnosis's and the amount of hours she had on her statement and the SENCO replied "this school is not a suitable placement". She didn't even ask about dc abilities et c... just made a judgement.

Needless to say I will no longer be considering said school for dc !!!
but I want to complain about her dire attitude. I have already complained to the school and received an apologetic reply but her attitude was so dreadful ( don't want to out myself by going into the specifics) that I feel I need to take it further.

The Chief Education Officer seems to ring a bell does anyone know is this the person I need to complain to - Thanks

AugustaFinkNottle Sun 24-Apr-16 00:55:13

Probably the governors, but I doubt there's much point if the school has already apologised.

whatamess0815 Sun 24-Apr-16 07:02:26

agree, they already apologised. Pick your battles. don't think this one is worth having.

shazzarooney99 Sun 24-Apr-16 10:31:40

Why do you feel the need to take it further? maybe she is just being hoest with you, it could be down to staffing, it could be down to budget, unfortunately the government have slashed the budget for Sen children, I actually admire her honesty.

BigHairySpider Sun 24-Apr-16 10:40:12

You have received an apology and will not be sending dd to that school so I'm not sure what else you want to achieve really.
I have a child with a disability and have encountered some dreadful behaviour from staff in schools over the years but, from experience, have found there's little point in complaining. At least you have seen her attitude before enrolling your child at the school rather than discovering it afterwards.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 24-Apr-16 14:19:54

I agree with the others, I think you have done well to get an apology! I nevet got one when Dd3 was completely failed and I wrote a really strong letter to the senco! I just got told she was speaking to her union and she refused to engage in Dd3's transition which was really unhelpful!

dontknowwhat2callmyself Sun 24-Apr-16 15:17:00

Thanks all for your opinions. I've done a bit more digging and the person I need is the local Chief Education Officer.

lamya190 Sun 24-Apr-16 15:46:29

I agree with the others it's really good u got an apology anyway and maybe she was being a bit too honest but having said that rather now than later and you later found out it was the wrong placement for your child!

What is it you want to get out of the complaint? It's not like they are gonna kick her out of her job!

shazzarooney99 Sun 24-Apr-16 16:17:24

dontknowwhat2callmyself I am not being disrespectful but why bother posting if you dont want to listen to other peoples opinions? what do you hope to acheive? someone lose theyre job because they were honest? I think your directing your anger in the wrong direction.

dontknowwhat2callmyself Sun 24-Apr-16 16:18:21

I want to take it further because I believe prejudices should be challenged!

BigHairySpider Sun 24-Apr-16 16:25:52

Was it an academy?

tethersend Sun 24-Apr-16 16:27:13

I think you absolutely should report this.

I would inform the LEA SEN team- they decide if children's needs can be met at certain schools. The school, on receipt of the child's paperwork, can inform the SEN team that they have concerns and do not feel able to meet the child's needs- however, it is the SEN team who decide if these concerns are valid and it is them who ultimately make the decision, not the school.

The SEN team need to know that the school is attempting to circumvent the systems which are in place; they cannot refuse to place a child in their school without any form of consultation.

shazzarooney99 Sun 24-Apr-16 16:28:07

But its not about prejudices, it could be about anything, it could be about budget, could be about staffing, it could be that they are a school that are not good dealing with children with sen, schools have had theyre budgets slashed massivley under this government, a lot of sen children are not getting the extra money they used to get therefore possibley cannot afford all the extra input/staff/hours that the child needs so. Did you not know about all the reforms when the things were changed and ehcps were brought in and budgets were slashed? if you were a school what would you do? you would have no choice but to turn away these pupils because you cannot afford to look after them. Blame the government, not the schools. Oh and it will happen more

Hassled Sun 24-Apr-16 16:28:50

I think the SENCo was being admirably honest - some schools just aren't suitable placements. If she knew that they wouldn't be able to meet your child's needs adequately, better you know that now. And good she apologised quickly.
Have you transferred to an ECHP yet? Transition should be part of that.

dontknowwhat2callmyself Sun 24-Apr-16 16:31:01

I'm not looking for anyone to lose there job - do you seriously think the SENCO will lose her job over this?? I doubt she's even been spoken to about the matter (the apology wasn't from her). I'm not angry at all - my DD has a suitable secondary lined up this one was just a fall back option but like I say I feel prejudices need to be challenged.

tethersend Sun 24-Apr-16 16:33:48

How on earth could the SENCo know the school couldn't meet the child's needs without reading her paperwork or speaking to the SEN dept?

Schools cannot refuse to take a child due to staffing or budget concerns if they are the school named on the statement or EHCP. They must employ staff or request additional funding.

Youarentkiddingme Sun 24-Apr-16 16:33:54

The child has a statement - the LA name the school. The senco doesn't actually have a choice.
I agree with you though that the attitude woukd put me off despite this.

Be grateful though you've discovered it's a school with a senco who has attitude before sending dd. I on,h discovered ds senco is a completely defensive cow after he got his place and was due to start.

Hassled Sun 24-Apr-16 16:39:40

She may not have read the paperwork but she was told the diagnosis and amount of hours and presumably is experienced enough to know what would be required and whether the school would do an adequate job. I do take your point, though - it wasn't her call to make.

shazzarooney99 Sun 24-Apr-16 16:44:27

Heres another thing, the government are wanting all schools to be turned into academies, how do you think this is going to affect our children? I personally think it will be hell on earth trying to find our children school places if this happens.

dontknowwhat2callmyself Sun 24-Apr-16 16:46:13

Thank you Tethersend - you sound like you know the system well! It's exactly that - circumventing the system which shouldn't happen.

How can the SENCO know if the school can accommodate my DC's needs when she hasn't asked me anything about DD apart from her diagnosis's and hours on statement. They have a high number of SEN children on the role and I guess don't want anymore!

dontknowwhat2callmyself Sun 24-Apr-16 16:56:18

I don't necessarily agree Hassled how would she know if my daughter's needs were behavioural, academic et c.. you can't tell just by diagnosis.
How would she know how Dd's hours are currently used without asking?

PolterGoose Sun 24-Apr-16 17:03:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BishopBrennansArse Sun 24-Apr-16 17:06:09

I can't believe there is a poster on here stating that discrimination is acceptable because of money!!!

dontknowwhat2callmyself Sun 24-Apr-16 17:09:59

Thanks Polter smile

To the posters who asked - yes it's an academy .

shazzarooney99 Sun 24-Apr-16 17:18:58

BishopBrennansArse, but its not discrimination, its pureley finnancial. BishopBrennansArse out of interest if all schools are turned into academies what do you think will happen?

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