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Help with CAMHS referral form!

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lucysnowe Thu 14-Jan-16 10:40:59

Hi all

Would appreciate your help with this, it's all new to me smile

I imagine this has been covered in the past but it seems to change a lot.

Here are my questions:

- I can choose between help from PCAMHS and a LD team, for ASD it should be PCAMHS, is that correct? or should I choose both?
- it asks if my child is aware of the referral - TBH I was going to do it without one as she is 'only' 7 and it will take a long time and she may worry a lot about it. If I do it without her consent would that prejudice me?
- There is a bit for her to fill in - do I fill it in for her?
- She is on the SEN register at school, do I get them to fill in anything?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks XX

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