Unauthorised attendance for being late.

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shazzarooney99 Tue 12-Jan-16 09:54:46

Ok so I have been having trouble getting my son into school, yesterday we got in at just before 12pm, other days we get in around ten and some days easy, we always used to be early, Im very Ocd about time and hate being late for anything.

Anyway we have a Taf this week and i read through the form and it was talking about attendance, my son was off a few days when my mother died and a few off being ill, but then i received a red letter for attendance and though what on earth is going on?

I found out today that even if they go in late, they get an unauthorised attendance which seems silly to me? if thats the case i could save myself a hell of a lot of stress and just keep him off? rather than having a huge meltdown because of the stress of school? it just doesnt make sense?

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2boysnamedR Tue 12-Jan-16 11:35:00

Won't it only be a half day unauthorised absence of he goes in at 12? So it still worth going in. Our school keeps using the attendance targets (set by LA). It's one reason I finally agreed to being discharged from his pead

Runningtokeepstill Tue 12-Jan-16 13:57:42

I believe schools get judged more harshly than they used to regarding their absence statistics and they are expected to have effective plans in place for dc classed as "persistently" absent. But I've also been told that there are procedures for children with diagnosed conditions not to be counted in this, although my youngest ds's first secondary school seemed not to know/believe this.

Anyway, the result of it all is that schools are hotter on absences than they used to be and often have a "knee-jerk response" of handing out standard letters regardless of what they know of individual dc's circumstances. I used to contest the "unauthorised absences" on the basis that my ds was sick and always followed the school procedures by notifying them of what was going on. If your ds is coming in late due to stress related meltdowns then he is late because he is too anxious to get there rather than because he chooses not to come or because you are too disorganised to get him there on time.

What happens when dc have medical appointments? Presumably that is a half day authorised. I'd try challenging the recording of unauthorised absences (in writing), stating that you want to work with the school on getting your ds in regularly, even though he is sometimes late and that recognising that he is trying to get in (by authorising the absence) would help. They may not agree but at least you can establish that you are trying to be reasonable and to work with them.

Lindseyepps28 Tue 12-Jan-16 14:43:01

I have been in a similar position during the summer term, I was advised by my senco to contact the la educational welfare office and explain the issue's with getting ds in, she attended a tac meeting with myself and the school. It was agreed with the HT that any lateness should recorded as a sen issue, and more strategies put into place to reduce any anxiety befor he became a school refusal. This also stoped the la taking further action and those annoying letters.
It worth a try good luck

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