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Tracking device?

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Knickersinatwist36 Sun 06-Dec-15 09:28:24

Does anyone use or recommend any kind of tracking devices for children (dd2 is 6) that have worked?
I am a bit tired and emotional today. Dh away with work for 10 days, dd2 major meltdown and attacked me so violently that my hands are covered in scratches and bruises and I am finding it difficult to do anything without masses of pain from it - ok offloading over!
So, being positive, dd2 is a known flight risk. I do everything I can to minimise this but sometimes I can not avoid taking her to a shop, park, etc. Her 8 year old sister is really missing out on lots of fun stuff as it is. We have had so many places on lockdown (the worst was when she went missing in a working mill because she decided to play hide and seek with her grandad without telling anyone and was missing for 45 minutes but numerous other examples too IKEA, m&s etc). Also she is bloody fast and doesn't answer to her name when called.
Given that I know this and that I do all I can to minimise it and am still highly stressed out by it is there anything anyone has used to help the situation? Is there a little thing that I could get her to wear (an issue in itself:-s) or could be clipped to her clothes that I could use. Could it be something like the find iPhone app but for dd2?
I'm just trying to make everything a tiny bit easier so this is perhaps z crazy plan but any thoughts would be most welcome. :-)

LegoClone Sun 06-Dec-15 10:08:42

I did a bit of research into this after a recommendation from social services for my dad who has dementia. There are quite a few tracker devices available, including watches, some of which are marketed for children to use.

I didn't go for a watch in the end as my dad is quite attached to his own watch and I didn't believe he would reliably wear one. Plus the one I was recommended had quite a few low star, negative reviews on Amazon. I went with a key fob style device which I'm hoping I'll be able to get him to attach to his keys.

Despite buying the device in September I haven't given it to him yet as I wasn't convinced of it's reliability and actually ended up exchanging the original device as it was faulty. The new one seems to be better but does sometimes struggle with finding GPS - I think that this may be to do with the power saving setting as turning off power saving until it finds the signal seems to work. Anyway I think I can recommend it...

The tracker has a pay-as-you-go Sim card in it which is the only on-going cost of it (some tracker systems have additional costs). If you text it "loc" from any phone it will text you back a location link which will show you the location on Google Maps (android phone users - not sure how it works with iPhones). You can also set up tracking where it uploads to a website so you can see where it's been.

Additionally you can call the device and have a conversation with the person who has it - it automatically picks up. Or they can call you - one button can be programmed to call a number and an SOS button will text then call in order the numbers of up to 3 phones if programmed in. Also you can use it to listen in on the person without them knowing! I have issues with this but I can see how it could be helpful in finding someone.

The battery lasts about a week on power saving with tracking (uploading data) turned on and longer if off. It's easy to set up and change the settings as you just text it. It is expensive though and cheaper versions are available! Here's the website:

Knickersinatwist36 Sun 06-Dec-15 11:04:16

Thank you! Hope it works for you, I will look into it, looks like you did lots of research and found a good one smile

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