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Daughter Had Hearing Aids Taken Away What About DLA Thankyou

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leigh2527 Mon 17-Aug-15 21:34:23

My Daughter Was 1st Diagnosed With A Hearing Impairment At 11 Months Old, She Is Now 4, 5 In October So She Had This Temporary Hearing Loss For Just Under 4 Years & Was Fitted With 2 Hearing Aids. Her Hearing Levels Were Classed As A Moderate-Severe Hearing Loss Around 5 Months Ago & Today The Audiologist Has Taken Her Hearing Aids Away As Her Hearing Is Now 'Normal'. This Is Amazing News & We Cudnt Be Any Happier Except My Daughter Who Doesnt Quite Understand Why Her Hearing Aids Have Been Taken Away. I Have Been Advised By Her Teacher Of The Deaf Previously To Apply For DLA Which I Did Around 18 Months Ago. As Her Audiologist Has Said The Hearing Aids Been Taken Away Temporarily At This Time As Her Hearing May Become Worse Again They Will See Her Again Within 2 Months. I Was Wondering Do I Still Have A Claim For DLA If My Daughter Looses Her Hearing Aids Permanently As She Has Other Problems. She Has A Big Development Delay Her Teacher Said She Is Working At The Age Of 22-36 Months. She Recieves Speech & Language Therapy As She Struggles With Her Speech & Language Which Affects Her Ability To Communicate With Others, This Has Also Affected Her Social Development Greatly. Her Understanding Is Not Like Other Children Her Age She Does Not Understand Most Instructions And Becomes Very Frustrated. She Currently See's A Children Pyshcologist Who Monitors Her Behaviour As She Can Bite Herself When Frustrated. She Is Also Under A Paediatrician For All Her 'Concerns' These Being Her Extra Needs Both At Home & School, Her Overall Development, Previous Hearing Loss, Visual Impairement Etc. I Have Meetings Every 6 Weeks With My Daughters Teacher & SEN But She Is Yet To Be Statemented. Her Mobility Is A Big Issue She Constantly Falls Over And Has Several Serious Accidents This Is Again At both Home & School. She Has A Lot More Help & Extra Needs Than My 3 Year Old So Im Abit Confused. Anyone Have Any Idea Please. I Do Have To Constantly Watch My Daughter Unlike My Son. Thankyou

FenellaFellorick Mon 17-Aug-15 21:42:50

You need to contact the dla and inform them of any changes in need and they will assess and make a decision. Add all the information about her other needs.
It's really difficult for anyone to say really. Look at their criteria / points system if it is pip and see how she fits.

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