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PGL and special needs

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Toffeelatteplease Tue 14-Jul-15 20:25:43

Does anyone have any experience of this? Especially a physically less able child (like my DS) within a mainstream environment

Toffeelatteplease Tue 14-Jul-15 20:27:07

I should say residential.

School are looking at this maybe becoming the sole residential. It will affect ds in a couple of years time but they are canvassing opinion now

Ineedmorepatience Tue 14-Jul-15 21:12:19

Dd3's primary school have used PGL at Liddington it is accessible and they took 4 or 5 children who use wheelchairs with them! As far as I know the children took part in all the activities they wanted to and had support and or specialised equipment as and when they needed it! They did take quite a big team of staff with them as they are a resourced provision for physical disabilities but they all had a great time as far as I know.

Everydayaschoolday Tue 14-Jul-15 22:05:54

It looks like they try to accommodate as much as possible, and there's a form to fill in, at booking, to inform them of additional needs (inc disability). I would be happy to send my physically disabled (CP) dd in 4 years time, provided her 1:1 goes with her. Our school have done PGL for many years and the kids seem to love it. I have no personal experience of PGL though, my eldest becomes eligible for the trip in the next academic year (only KS2 go from our school).

StarlightMcKenzee Wed 15-Jul-15 17:05:10

Yes. PGL are excellent for SEN.

mjmooseface Wed 15-Jul-15 18:11:38

I used to work at a PGL centre as an activity instructor and group leader and can say that I both saw and worked with special needs children whilst there. They always had extra members of staff with them and all of the additional needs a group will need are discussed when such a trip is being organised. It is a great place to go, with lots of different activities for people of all abilities. The children always seemed to really enjoy themselves and often surprised themselves with the activities they took part in! It was the best job I ever had and would go back tomorrow if I could! If you are concerned yourself, have a chat with whoever is organising the trip or give the PGL centre they'll be going to a ring for some reassurance.

Ineedmorepatience Wed 15-Jul-15 19:15:57

mjmooseface My Dd2 works at PGL too she is in her 2nd season and loves it. She hasnt spoken to us much about working with children with SN's other than to say she loves it which is why I didnt mention her up thread wink

The staff certainly seem to work hard but have a ball smile

mjmooseface Mon 03-Aug-15 19:17:28

Super delayed response, sorry! That is brilliant for you DD2 Ineedmorepatience. I completed my training at Boreatton Park and then went up to the beautiful Perthshire to Dalguise! 6 miles away from the nearest shops. Wonky wifi and limited phone signal. Hills, trees and lots of green. It was heaven! Loved the job. Loved working with the kids in an outdoor setting. Had so much fun! Would've extended my initial contract but got in too late (I was in the final stages of applying to Camp America and got turned down at the last hurdle!) Although, had I stayed, I wouldn't have met DH. Funny how these things happen, innit?! :D lol

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