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bitbap18 Mon 13-Jul-15 22:12:53

My DD is 7. She has ASD and hypermobility. She really struggles to walk very far but is far too big and heavy to carry. I'm getting fed up of hiring wheelchairs when we go places and it would generally be so much easier if we had a buggy for her.

I know about the maclaren major. Just wondering if anyone knows of any others worth looking at? Most I have found are for children with more needs than my DD and not the right sort of thing. She's approx 5 stone and the height of an 11-12 year old, so needs to be able to support her appropriately.


2boysnamedR Mon 13-Jul-15 23:15:25

A good three wheeler? My son (3) has a phil & ted. I think it will do him for a fair few years yet. I would say mountain buggy but the foot plate would be too high.

zazzie Tue 14-Jul-15 10:42:02

Ds 8 has the trotter and the advance mobility independence. The trotter is very robust and comes in different sizes and is relatively cheap. It is heavy. The independence is a great 3 wheeler pushchair. Very easy to push and folds easily - it's like a big all terrain baby jogger. It is though very big so not so good in shops and restaurants. It doesn't have an upright position so difficult to eat in.
We also looked at the convaid cruiser and the hoggi which do a similar thing to the trotter but are lighter and nicer looking. They are though, a lot more expensive. Or you could look at a wheelchair, which your daughter may prefer if she has more awareness.
I think the mac major will be too small as ds outgrew this last year.

If she's 7 the Major won't be big enough. DS2 was tall and thin (still is!) and he outgrew his by 6.
Realisitically you are either looking at a pretty large SN buggy or a wheelchair.
Id try through the OT first (though there is often a wait) However the wheelchairs provided tend to be pretty basic.. an Invacare Blade or similar.. fine but not much support for a slumping child. Buggies tend to be more supportive even at their most basic.

Convaids are good.. but expensive. They do come up on ebay however (I'd be looking at a 14 inch one for your DD) Or a trotter.. similar but a lot cheaper. Alvema Pixies are really comfy and come in several sizes (Ds2 had one) is quite a good site as you can click on the links to them all for more info

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