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AUTISM- ITV - NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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mrsforgetful Thu 06-May-04 11:03:56

just heard philip schofield say that they are interviewing at about 11.10am (NOW!!!) a mother of 2 with AUTISM

bundle Thu 06-May-04 11:04:31

is it charlotte thingy who's just published her book?

mrsforgetful Thu 06-May-04 11:06:31

Actually at 11.30......and just seen a clip.....cannot think of her name but she was also on the programme "the Autism Puzzle"- and is an author- from what i recall her 1st sone was 'autistic' from a young age- and her 2nd son seemed fine but regressed at age 6....our biggest fear

mrsforgetful Thu 06-May-04 11:11:35

THat rings a bell!

She's got black hair if that helps!!!!

OOOOOOH! another book to add to my collection that i leave lying around the house in the hope that 'someone' will read them!!!!

are you watching 'THis Morning' now...talking about schools/parents

coppertop Fri 07-May-04 07:55:32

Charlotte Moore?

I saw her on the BBC Breakfast news on Wednesday (I think!). The interviewers were full of smiles as he asked her about all the support she must get. Their jaws almost hit the floor when she told them that it's usually up to parents to arrange their own therapies. I can still remember the days when I naively thought that if a child had problems then the powers-that-be would actually help!

misdee Fri 07-May-04 07:58:04

is that the lady who was on that programme last night? her eldest was called george wasnt he? her youngest son (jake??) seems NT. I found that programme really interesting, very eye opening.

Flip Fri 07-May-04 08:00:21

There was a spread in the Daily Mail on Tuesday or Wednesday about the family. I don't know how she manages with them both. I was beginning to wonder if ds1 was showing signs of autism but after reading her story I'm sure he isn't.

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