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EHCP advice needed. School not supportive.

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samantha3232 Wed 27-May-15 20:08:42

DD 14 has ADHD and significant learning difficulties. She has "spikey" profile and there are areas of relative strength her spatial abilities for example. However her non-verbal and verbal abilities are off the centile in terms of difficulty as are her memory and other areas. She has made very minimal progress since secondary school and a few subjects have stayed the same since she was around 8-9.

Her behaviour has gradually deteriorated at school. They talk about her as if she is the most challenging individual they have ever come across and are continually at a loss as to "What to do with her". They are inconsistent and frankly tricky to work with. They do not respond to my emails, calls etc. Everything is very negative and as much as I will sound neurotic over protective mum she is not as awful as they insinuate. She is slightly immature so her "Challenging behaviour" is singing in class, makes some odd noises, and is a little scatty!! Admittedly she is quite/very oppositional when challenged but depends how she is challenged they tend to fight fire with fire which always ends in a shouty row between DD and staff hat neither will back down from. They think as does the ed phyc that DD has ASD. DD won't accept the diagnosis for this she is very sensitive about having any difficulties. They said teachers would accept her more if she was diagnosed as they just see her as "naughty" DD won't go plus CAMHS have said she doesn't meet all criteria.
Long Long Long story short in a recent meeting SENCO said "No way would DD get an EHCP , You only get them to go to a specialist provision, mainstream don't do them". I knew they were talking crap but called IPSEA for advice so I will go ahead anyhow. They are incredibly opposed to the idea and I have no idea why. They are the ones always saying "We have tried everything" (Which is a load of rubbish they haven't) and act as if working with her is impossible! Why would they be so anti EHCP?! Sadly schools are pretty limited in our area added to the fact DD has a secure network of friends where she is alongside it takes her a LONG time to settle !
Why would schools be opposed to an EHCP? I naively thought they'd welcome the suggestion.

Icimoi Wed 27-May-15 20:29:42

It's completely bizarre that a mainstream SENCO thinks that children can't have EHCPs in the mainstream. Are you sure this is the right place for your child?

Still, if you've gone ahead and requested an EHC needs assessment you've done exactly the right thing. I take it you included the fact that the school is repeatedly saying it has tried everything?

Ineedmorepatience Wed 27-May-15 20:44:48

We were stuck under the old system but have today been told we have won our tribunal to get our daughter a statement which may or may not be converted straight to and ehcp.

The senco at her schools (she moved to secondary during the process) was dead set against Dd3 getting a statement too and really can only think it is because they are forced by law to spend money on the provision for the child whereas on SEN support the budget isnt ring fenced and can be used for anything or any body!!

Do what you think is right for your Dd and if they refuse to assess her appeal! Everyone on here will help you and so will IPSEA.

Good luck flowers

samantha3232 Wed 27-May-15 20:57:52

I know, I questioned her "Are you sure " etc she was adamant EHCP was for specialist schools only in a desperate bid to put me off.
I suspect they know they've not done enough so are trying to put me off. No 1-1 support as "DD might feel different/ plus no money" despite DD spending most lessons asking for help before demanding before defiance kicks in! Their plans have been pretty rubbish with more ernest on me. Their best one was me giving them money they could give to DD if she was "good" needless to say it didn't pan out. Most are not individual support more universal like * we will praise DD for good behaviour and independent work. *DD will be placed in isolation for defiant behaviour etc.

It is not the right place for DD but I am yet to find somewhere which is. We are in a selective school area and there is one school I think might suit DD better but we are at the bottom of a very long waiting list. DD is quite opposed to moving she doesn't cope with change and has a very strong friendship group. I do however feel they are a bit OTT on DD so I have become mum complainer of the year. As an example DD got a larger punishment for eating a biscuit in her Maths lesson than one of the very academic girls got for having a huge physical fight. Then they act as if I'm being precious for raising concerns.

Ineedmorepatience Wed 27-May-15 21:24:04

I have been fed the line " Dd3 doesnt want someone sitting next to her" too.

As far as I am aware Dd3 has never been asked if she wants this or not! And anyway as I pointed out in tribunal Dd3 is a child, sometimes adukts have to make decisions for children based on their best interests nit whether they like something or not!! hmm

Keep chipping away!

Ineedmorepatience Wed 27-May-15 21:24:59

Sorry for the typos blush

samantha3232 Wed 27-May-15 21:44:20

I agree. They try and act PC when its suits their laziness. eg She doesn't want 1-1 it will affect her self-esteem. Well why then does she cry out for help in every lesson and is the trigger for any behaviour. Ed Phyc report even stated DD needed an adult to start her off with her work as her processing difficulties mean she hasn't taken enough in to "get on with it". DD asks for help and is told " There are more children than just you this is independent work". Then go ballistic when no work gets done. Plus they put on the boxhall thing for Ed Phyc 1-1 is thing the thing that calms and avoids outbursts (massive contradiction to what they say!). So why can't she have it. Its so frustrating I am beginning to HATE the whole education sector only seems to suit those that are self-motivated independent workers. At the same time I understand having 34 children plus DD must be tricky but still aaarrggghhhhhhh

Tissie Sun 31-May-15 01:25:13

Not all schools and sencos are like this. I've just retired from 40 years as specialist teacher and 30 of those as senco. Of course you can get an EHCP in mainstream. I have 9 in school of 500 girls and they are more common in boys. I would really try to move her at 14yrs she'll be choosing GCSE options for next year and clearly she can't go on like this. Do go ahead and se;f refer for EHCP assessment but also ring the local authority and ask for the senior person in charge of SEN then tell her you will be making a formal complaint over the school's/senco's outright lie and lack of provision for your daughter.
A word of caution - you do need to work on your daughter's approach and understanding of the benefits a diagnosis woud bring. I suggest she reads Asperger's and Girls by Tony Attwood and Asperger's in Pink by Julie Clark.

Icimoi Sun 31-May-15 13:31:02

Have you sent off your EHC assessment request? You clearly need to get the process started as soon as possible.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 31-May-15 18:44:56

Even with an EHCP in place, this school would never support her and I think they do not want her in this establishment at all. They're telling you rubbish. Your DD is bring completely failed by these people.

Make the application asap and you should be able to name the school you actually want to send her to. Use the template letter on IPSEA's website.

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