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Websites with free resources, games, worksheets etc

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Davros Thu 22-Apr-04 12:46:00

I think someone has posted some of these before but I thought I'd start a new thread that can be added to. Sorry this is so long and I can't do MN links to them, especially as you don't get the instructions on how to do links when you do Start Conversation.

Website containing activities to help SEN children with basic language and daily living skills

Form Menu
Free ABA data sheets to download

Home ABA Manager
Computer program to help run home ABA prog inc data forms, graphs, checklistsTherapist info

Kids Fonts
For producing interesting, customised worksheets

My Parentime Printable Checklists
Free checklists for all daily living, family activities

Parenting Printouts
Free printouts of activities for teaching various basic skills

worksheets & other resources for teaching children with SEN

Worksheet Factory
100s of worksheets to download and print free

Worksheets Unlimited
Printable pages. Lots of worksheets and flash cards - "Grey Olttwit's" Freeware
Lots of IT resources (intended for ADD/ADHD but look useful for autism etc). Click on 'Education' or 'Free Software' ...

Free downloadable resources for SEN teaching, worksheets, colouring etc

Games website

List of Interactive Sites

Facial Expressions
Very manipulatable facial expressions site

Nouns & Sounds Games

coppertop Thu 22-Apr-04 18:14:20

Wow! Thanks, Davros. I'll have a look at those sites this weekend.

Davros Thu 22-Apr-04 18:23:43

Oops! Meant to delete Home ABA Manager, probably not too useful.

mrsforgetful Fri 23-Apr-04 22:38:15

wandered off from one of the sites you mentioned and found this great pecs on- haven't checked it all - over 60 sets of pec cards to choose from....i'm using them for hope they will be good for the purpose they were designed!

bit i liked is real photos of real food....though as american some of the brands aren't any goos- but even has 'Big Macs' and 'KFC'

KPB Fri 23-Apr-04 22:46:47

Thanks Davros. A lot of these sites seem really useful!!!!

mrsforgetful Fri 23-Apr-04 23:29:37

and 2 more........

Speech Fun.....Pecs etc

Symbol World....symbols and visual social stories

Tartegnin Mon 26-Apr-04 09:54:20

Try this one:

Lots of good projects - I especially like the sequencing cards.

Davros Fri 30-Apr-04 15:22:41

You have all got to try this! Go into manic mode and have fun! bubblewrap

mrsforgetful Sun 02-May-04 22:11:19

o.k davros......lets get this are into laminating and bubblewrap......annything else you'd like to share??? !!!

i've just been on that site! I liked the manic mode.....suits my personality!

great party idea is to get large 'bubbled' bubblewrap and back it with bright coloured wrapping paper (so you can see the pattern through the bubbles) and then you join as many sheets together to make a large enough mat for the 'little darlings' to jump thinks this would be hilarious fun for adults after a few glasses of wine!!!

coppertop Sun 02-May-04 22:14:31

Okay everyone. The next party is at MrsF's house. Bring your own wine and bubblewrap and MrsF will supply the.....(your favourite word coming up, MrsF! ) POUCHES for the laminator!

coppertop Sun 02-May-04 22:15:30

BTW I must confess that I visited the bubblewrap site this afternoon!

Davros Sun 02-May-04 22:20:42

Will the party be in the "greenhouse"? I know MrsF, I'm a bit strange but years of this stuff makes you think in flashcards!

mrsforgetful Mon 03-May-04 00:05:19

just reassuring to know that there are 'others' who have a love of 'those little things that make a day perfect!!!!' (YES....LITTLE!!!!!!!)Yep! Greenhouse will be fine....all tidy now!!!

Yes Davros i really do have a greenhouse!!!!!

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