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VBA concerns

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adrianna22 Thu 11-Dec-14 00:40:57


Since I'd like to go down the ABA/VBA route, I've been researching like mad, looking up some videos and I have some concerns- correct me if I'm wrong.

I think VBA/ABA is great and has helped ALOT of kids who have autism, but I'm concerned about the endless questioning, the table with the set of visual cards and the "..Do this command..".

DS does well with the " Do this command.."; but at the same time I would like the teaching methods and his responses to be more natural- rather than being commanded to do something.

I can see why some speech therapists may be a bit hmm about ABA/VBA. From what I'm seeing, it doesn't seem really let the child to think imaginatively- but teaches the child to use--- I guess--automatic responses. Though at the same time- if the child with autism doesn't have these natural skills then you will have to teach them.

DS HATES visual cards with a P! But he loves playing with toys. So I'm thinking a more play based-floortime approach. Certainly not that crap Intensive interaction method.

Also, I was a bit taken back when I spoke to someone whose an ABA consultant a few weeks ago- that the reason why my DS can't talk is that it's something to do with his behaviour :s Along those lines, didn't know what she meant.

Again, I may be totally wrong about my opinions, so could someone enlighten me with the answers as I am truly trying to understand ABA-- but I haven't had that light bulb moment as of yet.

Pixellator Thu 11-Dec-14 06:56:55

Hi sorry that you're having a tough time working out which approach will have the best results. I am not familiar with floortime, but my DS has a VB ABA programme. This link might help with some of the issues that are of concern to you, particularly around some SLTs opinions. Maybe you could use it as a basis to discuss your concerns with your BCBA/SLT/others?

adrianna22 Thu 11-Dec-14 09:16:45

Thanks pixi...

I'll check out the link.

Pixellator Thu 11-Dec-14 12:22:49

You're welcome! If you want to know more about DS' programme, pm me.

Pixellator Fri 12-Dec-14 04:52:39

I forgot something else that might help. The Research Autism website has some good info on different methods. In a lot of cases, it says more about how little is known about effectiveness than anything else, but I hope it will have something to help you.

salondon Fri 12-Dec-14 09:19:00

I will be honest Adriana. Been doing this for 2 years now and I don't see the difference between vb, floor time, I I and RDI and what our program does. I see elements of all of them. It's all about her motivation and getting her to communicate

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