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Housesoftheholy Sat 15-Nov-14 08:43:13

Ds is a shrieker. Ear piercing, shrill, random outbursts of shrieking

He's always done it since he was small but it's increased since he has started school. I don't know if there is an element of copying or just a case that there is more to release when he gets home!

Anyone else with a shrieking child? Do you have any strategies to deal with it, do you just ignore it, divert it in some way?

Some days I feel my ears are bleeding or going to be damaged!

fairgame Sat 15-Nov-14 21:25:41

DS (asd) used to do this. I think he did it because he knew it would get a reaction and it used to get him removed from class at school (which he wanted). I started ignoring, as did the school, and eventually it stopped after a few months.
I used to wear his ear defenders when he was doing it as well, it was so loud it could have raised the dead!

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